Jose Moreno Wants Create A New Entitlement Program: City-Subsidized Child-Care

moreno child care entitlementOn his campaign website, Jose F. Moreno says he will protect the city’s “fiscal stability.” 

Creating a new city-funded entitlement program isn’t how one normally goes about doing that.

Yesterday, the Voice of OC published an article in which Moreno calls for city government to provide subsidized child-care to Anaheim residents – or at least  assume he would limit it to residents. Considering the leftist Moreno’s enthusiasm for massive wealth redistribution and denunciations of profit as a “filthy word,” it’s best not to assume common sense is at work.

In an interview with Voice of OC, he said “working poverty” is the most dire issue facing neighborhoods and talked about shifting the focus of government subsidies from hotels and light-rail to things like child day-care for families.

Let’s put this in perspective. The GardenWalk agreement will rebate a maximum of $158 million back to hotel owners over 20 years (only after the hotel opens for business) but generate an estimated $450 million in TOT revenue to the city – and Moreno thinks that is an irresponsible “giveaway.”  But creating an open-ended entitlement program funded by the city is fiscally responsible? 

The local Left has been pushing this idea for years. When OCCORD, an ally of Moreno and tip of the Measure L campaign spear, sued the Platinum Triangle approval a few years ago, one of its settlement demands was for the city to make providing “quality, affordable childcare and pre-school programs for residents and employees at all income levels” a condition of approval for any Platinum Triangle development. 

This, my friends, is the kind of liberal policy-making Measure L and by-district elections will bring to Anaheim. By-district elections are the means to Measure L supporters’ end: electing Jose F. Moreno and more like him to the Anaheim City Council. This is why it is being generously and entirely financed by leftist donors and militant unions from outside Anaheim. If you look at the condition of city politics and finances in Los Angeles and like what you see, then by all means support Measure L. 

One say this for Moreno: while he employs the jargon the Left uses to camouflage their policy ideas to avoid alarming the petite bourgeoisie, he generally doesn’t hide his leftism. The kind of politics and policies he and his allies want to enthrone in Anaheim isn’t a mystery:they publish their agenda in documents likeOrange County on The Cusp Of Changefor all to see. 

Or at least, for all those who are willing to see. Then again, there are a few conservatives who see it, understand it is antithetical to conservative principles, but close their eyes and pull the figurative lever anyway.


  1. In other words, only the right has good ideas and solutions while all the left’s ideas and solutions are bad.To safeguard Anaheim, to ensure our women and children remain safe, we must take whatever means necessary to exclude the left from the City Council. What could be more American? Just sayin’.

  2. Matthew Cunningham

    Alan, you’re over-simplifying what I wrote, and imputing to me sentiments I don’t harbor. I’m a conservative because I think conservative ideas and principles are generally the right ones and the Left’s ideas are generally bad ones. A liberal or leftist would say the same thing about why they land where they do on the political spectrum. That’s natural and to be expected.

    Do I agree with my fellow conservatives across the board? Of course not.

    And I most definitely do not subscribe to the idea that the Left should be excluded by “any means necessary.”

  3. And what good ideas has the Right produced? Oh yes, The Party of “No.” Thanks to the Republicans, this Congress has done less than any in history (though I’m not sure it’s a bad thing). However, just to make sure we’re on the same page, please define “The Left.” And don’t say they’re a bunch of liberals unless you define that too.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Off the top of my head: the 1981 tax cuts, the 1986 tax reform, the 1996 welfare reform, the Reagan defense buildup, ballistic missile defense, school vouchers.

      It’s unfair to blame Republicans for the productivity/unproductivity of this Congress. The GOP only controls the House of Representatives, and Harry Reid won’t bring anything to a vote in the Senate.

      By the Left, I am generally referring to progressives, who reject the natural rights philosophy contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; who view the Constitution as a “living document” and at best pay lips service to the principles of limited government and federalism. The Left are distrust and dislike the free enterprise system, who want government to redistribute wealth, who continuously invent new “rights” – i.e. new claims by one segment of the populace on the fruits of the labor of another segment — for the federal government to enforce. Those on the Left tend to view us not as individuals, but as members of a racial or ethnic group, or as men and women. That’ll do for a short-hand description.

      • I don’t completely agree with your definition…but I like it. The Constitution, to survive, must be a living document that’s interpreted to meet challenges never envisioned by the Founders, much like the Bible. Neither limited government nor federalism is the answer: the trick is to find the right balance. As far as the left not viewing us as individuals, the right does the same by using terms like “the left,” “lamestream media,” “tree huggers,” etc. Unfortunately, stereotyping people and things is one of the main ways the brain copes with sensory and information overload. But, again, your definition is the best I’ve read.

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