Cynthia Ward Flip-Flips On By-District Elections, Stars In Left-Wing “Yes on Measure L” Campaign

Cynthia Ward Measure L flip-flop


Anaheim voters received a “Yes on L and M” mailer on Friday with a photograph Anaheim gadfly Cynthia Ward and her husband on the front along with the words “We Love Anaheim. That’s why we’re supporting Measures L & M.”

Ms. Ward’s loves Anaheim so much that she has filed expensive lawsuits against it twice in the last year: for example, to stop the much-needed expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Yes on L Cynthia Ward flip-flop mailer 10-31-14_Page_2


Leaving aside this strange demonstration of affection, Ward’s stance on by-district council elections is exactly the opposite of what she told the OC Register in 2012:

Cynthia Ward, 46 and a lifelong resident of Anaheim, is not one of [those supporting by-district elections].

“Do we want to create a lot of special-interest districts and become like Los Angeles or Chicago?” she asked. “You’re going to have people saying, ‘Hey, you got a substation, I want a park for my area.’ “

“Districts will create pork,” she added. “Just like Washington, but on a smaller scale.”

Ward was actually correct in 2012. Since Ward executive this stark, dramatic flip-flop in 2013, it took her less than a year to do a 180-degree turn on by-district elections – going from believing they will be horrible for Anaheim to saying the way to show one’s love for Anaheim is to support by-district elections. It doubtless makes it easier for her to be a fervent acolyte and apologist for everything Mayor Tait says and does. Otherwise, it would be difficult to tell voters he is the greatest force for good in Anaheim while simultaneously saying he’s trying to turn Anaheim into special-interest porkfest like Los Angeles.  

This mailer was sent by the “Yes on L” campaign, which is entirely funded by unions and left-wing political interests committed to “building progressive political infrastructure” in California. These out-of-town special interests love Anaheim so much they want to re-structure its council elections and turn it into a Democratic bastion. This makes Ward’s lending herself to this cause especially ironic, since Ward is the executive vice president of the Anaheim Republican Assembly and continually inveighs (along with Measure L’s GOP front man, Mayor Tait) against the influence of outside special interests on Anaheim government and politics. Then again, consistency and constancy have never been her strong suits.


  1. Stand for Anaheim

    She is, always has been and always will be a complete HYPOCRITE! Just wait till Tait and others are abandoned by her. Yes, it will happen. Shall we take bets on when it will occur?

  2. Gag. Cynthia Ward is such a phony. Here she is shilling for a left-wing political campaign, and over at Orange Juice Blog she has the nerve to say Kris Murray and Gail Eastman aren’t conservatives!

    Unlike Cynthia, Kris and Gail are standing up for the GOP and standing against this leftist take-over attempt, and opposing leftists like Jose F. Moreno.

    Which reminds me: is Cynthia the So-Called Conservative voting for Jose F. Moreno the Genuine Leftist for council?

    • I saw that comment over at the asylum. What a bunch of kooks. Greg Diamond created yet another post for David Zenger and Ryan Cantor to talk about this blog, using the excise that the previous post had “over 100 comments” but failing to note they’re all from Zenger and Cantor! They keep saying this blog doesn’t matter but they can’t stop talking about it.

  3. That woman is a tedious, boring, know-it-all (she thinks!). Her schoolgirl crush on Tom Tait is just sad and amusing at the same time.

  4. Forgive this woman for his sins. Does Cynrhia Ward have a split personality disorder or an evil twin sister running around Anaheim!

  5. [Imagine the sound of fingernails on a chalk board. That will give you some idea of the intellectual nutritional value of primal screed from which readers have been spared.]

    • I’m surprised she actually responded here and didn’t just go to her default of inexplicably suing the city because she was upset about something. Brava, that shows growth!

    • Oh come on! Yes, Cynthia is about the meanest, nastiest person I know, but her verbal diarrhea and stream-of-consciousness drivel can be entertaining.

      Did she fess up about whether she voted for Comrade Jose Moreno?

  6. I was glad to have received that particular mailer as I was just out of TP at that moment. Imagine the satisfaction I received knowing where I was putting Cynthia Ward’s face.

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