Former state Sen. Gloria Romero devotes herself to championing charter schools and helping parents utilize the Parent Trigger Law (which she authored) to create better educational opportunities for their children. She has lately been helping parents at Palm Lane Elementary School, in the Anaheim City School District, who want to use the Parent Trigger Law to convert Palm Lane to charter status.

ACSD Trustee Jose Moreno is an avowed opponent of charter schools: shortly after declaring his council candidacy this summer, he wrote to members of the Democratic Party of Orange County to assure them he not opposed the formation of charter schools (other than the one sponsored by a friend of Mayor Tait’s), but he wishes the state legislature had never allowed charter schools in the first place.

This Sunday, a robocall recorded by Sen. Romero went out, asking voters not to cast their ballots for either Moreno or his ACSD Board colleagues and council running mate, James Vanderbilt:

Here’s the script:

Hello.  I’m Retired Democratic state Senator Gloria Romero. While in the Senate I wrote education reform laws for better schools and more parent school rights. Now, two failed Board members of the Anaheim City School District, Jose F. Moreno and James Vanderbilt, are running for Anaheim City Council.

Don’t let them bring their record of failure to the City Council!

Under Vanderbilt and Moreno, the Anaheim City School District had the worst test scores in Anaheim and the second worst in Orange County.

When a dynamic new principal, Dr. Roberto Baeza, took over an underperforming school and started getting good results, Moreno and Vanderbilt fired him. They chose to let a school fail rather than let someone else get credit for success.

Who pays the price for their failure? Our children do.

Don’t let Jose F. Moreno and James Vanderbilt bring their record of failed leadership to the Anaheim City Council. No on Vanderbilt and Moreno!

This message was paid for by the OC Tax PAC sponsored by the Orange County Taxpayers Association and is not paid for by any candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. 714-289-1092