Jose F. Moreno, the leftist academic running for Anaheim City Council with the backing of rich San Francisco progressives, militant unions, local radical and Mayor Tom Tait, talks a lot about focusing on “neighborhoods” and representing of all Anaheim.

Judging by this photo from his Facebook page, it looks like he’s running to represent only part of Anaheim and is ignoring neighborhoods in the Hills area:

Moreno GOTV 11-3-14

The pushpins represent targets of the Moreno campaign’s efforts (that’s Moreno campaign field coordinator Jesse Rivero in the photo). Notice the complete absence of pushpins in Anaheim Hills. Last time anyone checked, that’s also part of Anaheim.

As he is the face of the by-district council elections campaign, this photo is unwitting visual testimony of a central criticism of by-district elections: councilmembers won’t much care about those parts of the city that can’t vote for or against them.