Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

This came over the transom from the Lucille Kring for mayor campaign:

Anaheim Doesn’t Need A Conflicted Mayor

Dear Matthew,  

Yesterday’s Orange County Register made the following comment about Mayor Tom Tait: 

“If a bully pulpit never transforms or shapes law, it’s merely an impotent podium.”

I couldn’t agree more. 

Sadly, that is exactly what Anaheim has in Tom Tait. As mayor, when he does cast a vote, he is often a lone vote against public policy decisions affecting our city without reason or sound alternatives. No for the sake of no will not move Anaheim forward. We have challenges and opportunity but it will take vision to get us there – I believe I have that vision. 

That’s why I’m proud to have the support of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and Anaheim’s law enforcement community, who all agree: Anaheim needs a new mayor. As a councilwoman, I’ve fought to aide struggling neighborhoods and create economic development. I’ve also been a strong advocate for public safety. Each one a critical issue facing Anaheim’s next mayor. 

We need a leader who can work together to keep our Angels in Anaheim and unite our city. Not only has Mayor Tait failed to lead on important issues, he has many times failed to even take a vote. In fact, Tom Tait has abstained from voting nearly 200 times over the past four years due to conflicts of interests. That’s more than all other council members combined. Anaheim needs and deserves a mayor who can fulfill their duties and do the City’s business without conflict. 

Tom Tait’s Conflicted Voting Record*

*Public Session Only – Source: City of Anaheim, City Council Minutes

2011 Abstentions


2012 Abstentions


2013 Absentions


2013 Abstentions



The Register went on to say, “righteousness does not alone equate to political or legislative victory.” I’m running for mayor of Anaheim to bring people together and create consensus on the important issues facing our city.  

I would appreciate your vote on Election Day, November 4 because we need results in Anaheim, not just empty righteousness.

Lucille Kring