The Tait-Vanderbilt-Moreno Popular Front

We’re near the finish line for the Anaheim elections. On the council side of things, the real choice before Anaheim voters is between re-electing Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray and Councilwoman Gail Eastman, or replacing them with two members of Anaheim City School District Board of Education: James Vanderbilt and Jose F. Moreno. Vanderbilt is a Republican and Moreno is a left-wing Democrat, and together they constitute the Tait Slate.

True, Mayor Tait hasn’t formally endorsed Moreno as he has Vanderbilt, but that is a mere pretense at this point. Tait has told Republican leaders he is supporting Moreno. It’s apparent from Tait campaign Facebook page posts feature Tait with Moreno and speak of “James Vanderbilt, Jose F. Moreno and myself” that no effort is really being made to keep support for the left-wing Moreno on the down-low anymore:

Tait me and jose FB post 11-2-14

Tait promoting Moreno on campaign FB


In a joint mailer from the jointly-run Tait and Vanderbilt campaigns, the mayor says to voters:

“Please DON’T vote for either of the two city council incumbents because their actions have put Anaheim at financial risk.”

Let’s leave aside for the moment Tait’s untrue attack against his council colleagues. Since Vanderbilt and Moreno are only two other candidates running real campaigns (Vanderbilt and Moreno), Tait is de facto asking voters to elect them instead.

Plus, the $1,000 contribution to Moreno from Tom Tait’s brother Rich on October 24 should dispel any doubts that the OC Republican Party’s Local Elected Official of the Year is all-in to try and elect the most left-wing councilmember in Orange County. File under “Selling Rope.”

Talk about surreal. Tait falsely claims his colleagues  – both conservative Republicans – have put city finances at risk. His solution? Replace one of them with a left-wing Democrat who wants to create a new city-funded entitlement program combined with a “bring ’em on” attitude to tax increases!

Nonetheless, manifestions of the Tait-Vanderbilt-Moreno Popular Front are around Anaheim:

The Tait-Vanderbilt-Moreno Popular Front

The Tait-Vanderbilt-Moreno Popular Front


I don’t see it in the cards.  While it’s true the Tait Machine has been hitting Murray and Eastman with hard, nasty (and dishonest) mail pieces, they did the same to non-incumbent Jordan Brandman two years ago, and he went on to be the top vote-getter. Furthermore, persuading Anaheim voters to dump two incumbents (a very rare occurrence) to replace them with two trustees of the city’s lowest performing school district is a tall mountain to climb.


  1. Where’s the OCGOP? Tait’s money gives him a free pass to support FMoreno?

    This strikes me as a serious credibility issue for the Party.

  2. Why is it Democrats are styled “left-wing Democrats” but Republicans aren’t similarly styled “right-wing Republicans”? Could it be because “right-wing” is as pejorative as “left-wing”? Makes one wonder.

  3. Alan – because Moreno is an avowed socialist so calling him left wing is diplomatic. Moreno supports a utility tax, gate taxes, increases in sales taxes, he supports a living wage ordinance, worker retention ordinances, thinks undocumented residents should have the same benefits and rights as U.S. citizens, he supports municipal funded entitlement programs. He openly engages in class warfare while disrespecting the wishes of the parents, educators and children he’s elected to serve. Tait is openly supporting him while using his trust fund to malign and attack the women on the council with blatant lies. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake, the voters see through it and re-elect Kris and Gail. Tait is a fraud and there is no one in Anaheim that can ignore his dishonest, self-funded smear campaign.

    • By definition (see French Revolution), Dems are the left wing, but few are socialists. The Right tried to stigmatize Obama as a socialist, probably a knee jerk reaction since they obviously have no idea what a socialist really is. Moreover, the American Socialist Party declared Obama came nowhere near qualifying for membership. Since there is a fundamental difference between being a left-wing progressive and a socialist, I would appreciate your noting this in your commentaries which, by the way, are generally pretty good…or at least thought provoking.

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    With Orange County as the epicenter in a crucial election year, purported Republican Mayor Tait has done more to help one Democrat then all local Republicans combined.

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