First Round of Results: Tait, Murray Leading; Eastman and Vanderbilt in Dogfight

The OC Registrar of Voters has posted the first round of results:

first round


Mayor Tom Tait looks to be headed toward re-election, as does Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray, and Councilwoman Gail Eastman in a dogfight with Tait vassal James Vadnerbilt.  It doesn’t look like leftist Democrat Jose F. Moreno will be “making history” (as he would put it) this year.

The Left did win a strategic victory with the apparent passage of Measure L, thanks to a coalition of unions, rich progressives from San Francisco, and Tom Tait – opening the door to an eventual Democratic majority on the Anaheim City Council. Maybe the OC GOP will give him Local Elected Official of the Year again for those efforts.

Measure M, which expands the council to six members, is also passing, albeit by a narrower margin.

measures first round


  1. One bright spot is Greg Diamond is getting his ass kicked!

  2. Disappointing results 🙁

  3. 4 more years of Tait is very disappointing. The city will be in dire need of leadership after 8 dark years but I’m confident the storm can be weathered.

    Seeing the Tait win made me wonder if anyone is familiar with any articles/studies/books that compare the story of Buena Park to Anaheim. In that Mickey vs. Snoopy showdown, I think our resort district takes an easy win. What brought that about?

  4. West Anaheim has been neglected too long. We need a hero to change Beach Blvd., and I don’t know who is going to step up, BUT IT’S WEST ANAHEIMS TURN!!! No more hookah bars, motels, or low income housing! Help west Anaheim!!!!! We deserve better than this!!!!!

  5. The city is working on West Anaheim. You may be upset with decades of neglect but it wasn’t this council. They took over at the end of the recession and had to get the budget balanced first. They just voted for hundreds of capital and neighborhood projects in the downtown and west end, in addition to the beach boulevard renovation plan to help the entire west end. These things don’t materialize overnight but the commitment is there right now. Also, west Anaheim needs to mobilize and help as well. We turned the colony around by working together and to this day work together on behalf of our priorities. We didn’t sit around with our hand out. We are engaged in city elections, formed a PAC to help the candidates we want to win, hold forums and meetings tbroughout the year with city leadership and business leadership. It’s a two way street. City Hall can only do so much. And just out of curiosity, what was the voter turn out in the west end? You can’t complain if your neighbors don’t engage!

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