anti-net neutrality

The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, joining a broad free enterprise coalition opposing the so-called “Net Neutrality” movement for the federal government to regulate the Internet as if it were a public utility, issued this statement:


ANAHEIM, CA – On the heels of President Obama’s request to the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify broadband Internet as a utility, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce announces its opposition to such a move, and encourages the FCC to reject current calls for “net neutrality”.

The Chamber’s President & CEO, Todd Ament, said on behalf of the Chamber: “The Internet has been allowed to flourish, Innovate and evolve with the demands of the consumer and markets for the past two decades, all the while with the government at a safe arms’ length away. To now suddenly impose on it the burdensome regulations under Title II of the Federal Communications Act, as the President is requesting, is not only unnecessary but stands to impede and turn back the clock on the tremendous advances in commerce and innovation.”

So called “net neutrality” refers to the effort by some to ensure an “open Internet” by prohibiting Internet Service Providers from offering enhanced or prioritized service for an additional fee. Numerous concerns from a variety of interests have urged caution, citing worries that the Title II was originally written decades ago to govern what was then the burgeoning telephone industry, and is now obsolete.

Other concerns include a “chilling effect” on innovation from companies that want to improve or create new technologies stemming from broadband, threats to jobs and future job creation in the tech and communications fields , and a loss of investment in communications infrastructure due to uncertainty over how or if new regulations will be imposed.

“With California being home to Silicon Valley and such a large number of technology and communications firms that are literally built upon the Internet, we’re greatly concerned that the FCC’s heavy hand of regulation could be a disaster for business and for consumers. Anaheim and Orange County entrepreneurs depend on a truly open and regulation free Internet and we encourage the FCC and Obama Administration to keep it so,” Ament remarked.