soak the richIf government has the right and the power to mandate a minimum wage, then logically it also possesses the right and the power to mandate a maximum wage.

I suggest $1 million as the annual maximum wage. By cutting corners, surely anyone can survive on that income. In addition to earned income, other income sources such as inherited wealth, large bonuses, investment income and the like will all count towards the annual $1 million maximum wage.

Wait, you say, what about purveyors of super luxury items like gigantic yachts and Ferraris and huge mansions? What will happen to them? They’ll just have to adjust, just as small businesses have with the rising minimum wage.

Since intelligent people will naturally seek ways to get around the maximum wage, a collection of new laws must be enacted to ensure this doesn’t happen. Creating such laws will finally give Congress something to do.

And if your income exceeds a million bucks?

The excess will be given to Social Security so everybody, including the rich, can enjoy a comfortable retirement. This will also ensure the Social Security fund won’t go bankrupt for at least another six years.

Do your part. Write your representatives today and demand a maximum wage bill. Let’s keep government consistent.

As Thomas Jefferson once wrote: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

Just sayin’.