OPAnaheimLocal anti-police activists were doing their part today to associates themselves with events in Fergsuon, MO and fan the flames of unrest with a “OpAnaheim” in front of the Anaheim Police Department.  Judging from the continuously panning recorded live video feeds from InLeague Press, maybe 30-40 people showed up in “solidarity” with Ferguson.

It was literally the usual suspects – the same characters in Guy Fawkes masks who shout slogans, drop F-bombs and shout that the police in Anaheim and Orange County are “terrorists” and “racists” who run around murdering people of color. It was like watching public comments at an Anaheim City Council meeting – only outdoors.

Lots of signs saying “F— the Police” or “AmeriKKKa, the Police States.” No “Don’t Loot and Burn” or “Looting Destroys Livelihoods” signs.

Here are links to some of the videos. This one starts in the late afternoon and runs nearly an hour. The most interesting part if the articulately crazy guy laying face down, shirtless, in front of the PD before marching inside to turn himself in for something.

Go to the 6:00 minute mark on this video. The shouting woman with the “AmeriKKKa” and pushed-back Guy Fawkes mask is one the leaders and is at every single one of these protests, and here she is directing her venom at two APD officers standing politely by and observing “OpAnaheim,” which the professional radicals find offensive:

“Will the media show what I have to say tonight? Hell no, the media won’t show it! You know why? Because the media “f—ing licks their boots! The media f—ing licks their a–holes! The meiida f—ing licks their boots! See that? [and here she indicates the two officers] CORPORATE WHORES! You and the media! That’s what you are! Property protection! Get a real job! A real f—ing job! A job that means something! Something heroric! Do something for your community, instead of bringing it down by ticketing and oppressing people! Oppressing and murdering! Murdering people! And you guys sit there so smug! But this is the f—ing truth! And you all know it! It’s time to pick a side!

Mind you, these are the same people who carry “We Aren’t Against Police – Just Police Brutality” signs. Could have fooled me.

This video one is from a couple of hours ago. The dwindled crowd crowd dwindled further, and the anti-police radicals are taking turns haranguing each other about how awful the police are and how they are part of a “national epidemic.” If you watch, you’ll hear gems like this one:

“Every time you buy something, you pay taxes. Every time you pay taxes, you pay the cops. Don’t buy anything!”

Amazing – how did no one think of that before?

It’s mostly a lot of cliched histrionics and lefty cant from a parade of agitators, one of whom simply expressed hope that enough people will come to a planned December 11 vigil in front WalMart on Euclid “so we can have a march.”

After any amount of time watching it, the question you are most likely to ask yourself is “how do most of these people earn a living?”