Election Results Illustrate How Measure L Passage Paves Way For Democratic Majority on Anaheim City Council

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After reading Chris Nguyen’s analysis of which sections of Anaheim voted for whom, an insightful reader shared with us a different take on the numbers:

Chris Nguyen’s analysis missed one key point for the future: turnout levels. Looking just at the numbers in the post, a total of 16,127 votes for Mayor were cast in the Hills, while a total of 14,900 votes were cast in the Flatlands. That’s right, 52% of all ballots cast citywide (using Mayoral votes as the counter) were cast in the Hills, even though it’s less than 25% of the City’s population. 

After council districts are drawn, its likely that in future elections about 10,000 voters in the Hills will elect one councilmember from one district, about 6,000 voters in the Hills and maybe 2,500 in the Flatlands will elect a 2nd Councilmember, and the other 12,500 Flatlands voters will select the other four Councilmembers, with roughly 3,200 voters per Flatlands district. Numbers will go up in the Presidential-year election, but you get the idea.

No wonder the unions want to isolate the Hills in Districts. This also explains how districts set the stage for a Democratic takeover of the Council, even with a citywide Republican turnout advantage.

Somehow, I don’t think Anaheim Hills voters who cast their ballots for Measure L really understood they were watering down the value of their vote.  How is that for “authentic representation”? But hey – now Anaheim will have a city council in which every councilmember knows everybody in their 58,000 person districts, right? At least, if the hooey ladled out by Measure L advocates is to be believed.


  1. Another great Mayor Tait addition in his effort to undercut everything Anaheim spent the last 20+ years trying to achieve.

    • Nonsense.

      Celebrants of democracy work to give the people want they want.

      Celebrants of tyranny tell the people want they want.

      Measure L passed 2 to freaking 1.

      Running around complaining that the mayor is undermining Anaheim’s efforts is counterintuitive. If anyone is undermining the will of the people, it’s the celebrants of tyranny infesting this blog.

      • So your position is that without districts of 58k per, designed to install union hacks to the council and fleece the resort to bolster union dues, tyranny exists? You believe that voters were given fair and adequate information through the campaign to make informed decisions on the impacts of L, beyond the sloganeering?


        Anaheim has been dedicated to expanding the resort as a key tourism destination and holding on to a republican majority, the last big city to do so. Tait wants to control the council so he throws republicans under the bus and works to enshrine a system of lefty control in Anaheim so he can possibly have 4 years of relevance…of which he wasn’t able to achieve.

        Where is the tyranny again?

        • The tyranny is in your bathroom mirror.

          You insist that your logic ought to override the will of the people.

          That’s a page lifted from the Divine Right of Kings. One should govern because God wills that they know better. You insist people were duped. That you know better. That’s the necessary prerequisite for tyranny. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with my (or anyone else’s) rationalization of Measure L. It has everything to do with your assumption that voters are stupid.

          You lost. Get on board or get out of the way.

          • Did you even read my post?

            I said Tait attacked republicans to make sure accurate information about the real impacts of measure L were not distributed to the electorate. He actively worked to keep groups uninformed, participated in the false sloganeering of ‘neighbors electing neighbors’ and he did all this so he could get 4 years of control.

            How is it not clear to you who the “tyrant” would be in this scenario?

            • That’s actually the first time you’ve typed that false accusation here.

              Nothing worse than a tyrant with short term memory issues.

              Anyway, I think I’m done with you today. 2 to 1, son. Move on.

          • Matthew Cunningham


            Let’s leave aside that you are making this sophistry up as you go along. Do you believe the voters ALWAYS make the correct choice? That the majority is ALWAYS right?

          • Matthew Cunningham

            “Get on board or get out of the way.”

            Talk about a tyrannical attitude. Sentiments like that would make you right at home with Robespierre, Lenin and other assorted tribunes of the people who thought history was on their side.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        “Celebrants of democracy work to give the people want they want.”

        Is that so? So if the people want to make it illegal to earn more than $500,000, or want to place Arab-Americans in internment camps, or mandate a maximum 30-hour work week with retirement at full-pay at 45 years of age, then “celebrants of democracy” should work to give it to them?

        Try thinking before belching these ridiculous histrionics onto this blog.

  2. and when the new council is sworn in, representation Democracy shows a 3-2 majority against Tait. 3-2 for the celebrants of democracy, right Ryan?

  3. Ryan, while I am sure it’s tremendously disappointing to you, I am super busy. Between my business, my family and the blog,I have zero to me to pull pranks. You simply are not worth my time or energy with the exception of responding to blog comments. I get accused of a lot of thing I don’t have the time or energy to do ( cutting Harry Sidhu’s brake,ones remains my favorite accusation…I don’t know what brake lines are). Go ahead and accuse me. You are not worth my time.

    • Glad to hear not worth your time includes stalking my LinkedIn page.


    • I hate my iPad sometimes; “I have zero time to pull pranks.” And “I don’t know where brake lines are” (I’m not particularly automotive mechanically inclined). And I checked out Ryan’s LinkedIn profile when it popped up on my page as a recommended connection because he had checked mine out awhile ago.

      I would be happy to send you a T-shirt that says “I don’t live with my mother, she lives with me,” Ryan. But that’s the only thing I’ve ever sent anyone. And it doesn’t apply in your case.

  4. Deceit, intimidation and violence are only politically effective in the short-term. Ultimately, one is blessed when facing an opponent who seeks to control, not ride, the waves of the ocean.

    With respect to districts, Anaheim will be just fine. Turn-out in a midterm election aside, the politics of districts certainly reflect the city that is being built.

    In any event, procedures and political infrastructure are critically undermined in a system where the players operate in bad faith.

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