club 33

Disneyland’s famous and exclusive Club 33 is paring back privileges heretofore available to Platinum level members, reports the Orange County Register:

Platinum members – who pay a $25,000 initiation fee and $11,000-plus in annual dues for the restaurant in New Orleans Square and other benefits – have been informed that only charter members and their spouses or domestic partners can get equivalent privileges.

Previously, a Platinum member could give three additional people the benefits of their membership that included valet parking at any of the Disneyland Resort hotels, a premier annual passport for Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney World, Fastpasses, and entrance into the Club 33 restaurant and Club 1901 in California Adventure.

Now, only Platinum members and their spouse or partner can receive most of the benefits, although Platinum members will receive four premier annual passports. Under the new guidelines, only a Platinum member and the spouse or partner can make reservations to Club 33.

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