The Measure J recount did not result in any change in the certified result for the North Orange County Community College District’s $574 bond measure, which won by a mere 15 votes.

According to the OC Registrar of Voters:

The recount of the ballots cast in the 2014 General Election North Orange County Community College District, Fullerton/Cypress Colleges Bond Measure J has ended with no change in the vote total.

No ballots were recounted in the contest in Orange County – the requesters chose to examine relevant material pursuant to Cal. Code Regs., title 2, section 20813. Although ballots were recounted in the County of Los Angeles, since the recount was not complete, the original certification of the ballots cast in the Measure J election will remain as the official certification. Under California Election Code section 15632, the official certification can only be changed if the votes cast in each and every precinct in the affected jurisdiction have been recounted.

The post-election fight against the NOCCCD bond has moved to the court room: a group known as the North Orange County Business Coalition has filed suit in Orange County Superior Court alleging irregularities with several dozen provisional ballots. From the OC Register:

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Orange County Superior Court against the North Orange County Community College District and the registrars of voters in both Orange and Los Angeles counties. The registrars’ offices declined to comment and the district could not be immediately reached for comment.

Brea resident Glenn Vodhanel said the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the North Orange County Business Coalition, of which he is a member.

The coalition, he alleges, found a number of errors during the review.

“We plan to present 42 provisional ballots for which the required declaration was not signed by the provisional voter,” Vodhanel said in an email Friday. “Further, when we look at the signature comparisons that have been allowed, after reviewing a small sample of the vote by mail and provisional ballots, we have identified hundreds of signatures that a reasonable person could not identify as similar to the signature on the voter registration card.”

You can read the entire article here.

Vodhanel’s allegations would be explosive if they prove to be true. I don’t who ran the pro-Measure J campaign, but these allegations are essentially claims of stealing an election through significant voter fraud.