palm lane parents

The petition drive by the Parents of Palm Lane Elementary United (PPLEU) group to convert Palm Lane Elementary School (in the Anaheim City School District) to charter status isn’t occurring in a vacuum. It has encountered opposition from the teachers union and the school district itself, often taking the form of misinformation spread in hopes of discouraging Palm Lane Elementary parents from signing the petition. One way PPLEU counters this is via “rumor v. truth” handout given to parents. Anaheim Blog will be posting them here during the next week or so.

RUMOR: “We are trying to bring in an outside charter organization to take over the school.”

TRUTH: As we have explained to every person who has signed a petition: We have goals for our school that will give our children a great education. We prefer to achieve these inside the District IF we can negotiate a way to get there with the District. If not we are prepared to have Palm Lane become a community charter where a board controlled by parents hires the principal and makes the decisions at the school just like the School Board does.