Another day, another courtroom loss for CATER (the so-called “Coalition of Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility”). Working in partnership with one of leftist trial lawyer Cory Briggs’ front groups (the Inland Oversight Committee), CATER has been fighting a losing battle against the city’s twice-approved plan to expand the Anaheim Convention Center.

CATER/IOC filed a lawsuit saying the Anaheim Public Finance Authority lacked the authority to issue bonds to finance the Convention Center expansion – despite clear judicial precedent that it could. Late last year, the court predictably ruled against CATER/IO, which then appealed the decision.

The gadfly groups also filed a special petition with the Court of Appeal requesting the court prevent Anaheim from spending any bond proceeds until their appeal was heard.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeal denied CATER/IOC’s special petition. request to prevent the City from spending bond proceeds pending appeal.  Consequently, the city can continue moving forward on this project, and bond proceeds can be invested in approved securities.

Obviously, this is good news: not least for the individuals who have secured much-needed and good-paying jobs generated by the expansion – jobs that had been put on hold for months last year due to CATER’s doomed and destructive litigation.