From the OC Register:

An Anaheim parolee was arrested late last week after officials said he assaulted San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies and attempted to access a loaded handgun during the struggle.

Rodolfo Garcia Lopez, a 28-year-old from Anaheim who is also known as Rudy Garcia, is on parole for an Anaheim home invasion robbery, according to San Bernardino sheriff’s officials.

Lopez was a passenger in a car Thursday morning that officials said was pulled over by a deputy for a broken brake light. Lopez did not give the deputy identification, but officials ran his name and found a possible arrest warrant.

While officers were attempting to confirm his name, Garcia fled from the car and pushed more than one deputy into oncoming traffic, officials said.

Deputies attempted to subdue Garcia but he kept pushing them to the ground. During the struggle, deputies said he constantly reached for his waistband.

Once Garcia was in custody, authorities found he had a loaded handgun in his pocket. He was arrested for felon in possession of a firearm and battery on a peace officer.

You can read the whole article here.

Mr. Garcia is a real winner. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some of the usual suspects find a way to blame this on the police.