One of the scare tactics repeatedly made by opponents to re-starting Palm Lane Elementary School is that most of the current students will be not able to attend after conversion to charter status. It’s part of the general attack theme from charter opponents that such schools are elitist and won’t actually help those they purport to help. Like other misrepresentations being bandied about by charter opponents, this one is completely false, per state law:

5 CCR § 4800.3
§ 4800.3. Requirement to Serve All Pupils.
Every pupil that attended a subject school prior to the implementation of an intervention shall continue to be enrolled in the school during and after an intervention is implemented pursuant to Education Code section 53300, unless the parent or legal guardian of the pupil chooses to enroll the pupil in another school or the school is closed. In addition, any pupil who resides in the attendance area of the subject school during or after the implementation of an intervention has a right to attend the school, subject to any laws or rules pertaining to enrollment.
Not that opponents of the Palm Lane charter re-start effort will stop making this untrue claim, but at least we can correct this deception on the record.