The Orange County District Attorney has decided against filing charges against Anaheim homeowner Nathaniel Blair, who shot and wounded a home invader Jeremy William Bell in the wee hours of Christmas, after Bell had broken into Blair’s home and attacked him in the garage.

The OC Register has more:

OCDA spokeswoman Roxi Fyad said Blair will not face charges.

“We believe he acted in self-defense and there is no evidence to support a charge,” she said in the statement.

In December, Blair said he discovered Bell in his home in the early hours of Christmas morning. Bell allegedly struck him in the jaw with a wrench, at which point Blair said he ran upstairs to grab his shotgun before racing outside to open fire on Bell. Bell, injured, was later found hiding in a nearby garage.

Blair at the time said he was “terrified” during the initial confrontation and was worried that Bell would return to the home.

“I’m glad I could protect my family,” Blair told the Register shortly after the incident.

While several legal and self-defense experts questioned whether the shooting was justified, many concluded that the District Attorney would not file charges against the homeowner.

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I posted at the time my hope the D.A.’s office would not prosecute Blair, and it is pleasing to see they have decided against it.