Dan Chmielewski posts over at TheLiberalOC.com that Sukhee Kang – former mayor of Irvine and now a new resident of Fullerton – has announced three significant endorsements for his candidacy for the 29th Senate District:

Three former Democratic leaders of the state Senate today endorsed Sukhee Kang in the open 29th Senate District, comprising parts of Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. Kang previously won the support of Sen. Kevin de León, the current president pro tempore and Democratic leader of the Senate.

Former Senate presidents pro tempore Darrell Steinberg, Don Perata and Bill Lockyer all praised Kang as a top-notch Democratic candidate in a seat now held by the Senate GOP leader, Bob Huff.

“Sukhee Kang has demonstrated he knows how to win elections in a diverse electorate,” Steinberg said, who served as Senate pro tem from 2008 to late last year. “The 29th Senate District is very diverse, and Sukhee’s background as an immigrant himself and as a long-time leader in the Asian American community will serve him well in winning this seat.”

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Republicans ran the table in Orange County with a slate of Asian-American candidates. Asian-American voters generally lean Democratic, and state Democrats will certainly go all-out in terms of resources and political machinery on Kang’s behalf.

Standing in the way of the Democrats’ attempt to pull SD29 out of the GOP column and over to their side of the aisle is La Habra Councilman Tim Shaw, district director for the termed-out incumbent, Sen. Bob Huff. Shaw will be over-matched in terms of resources, but that is always the case with Republican legislative candidates in competitive seats. The challenge for Shaw will be running in a presidential year with higher Democratic turn-out and facing an Asian-American opponent in a district with a significant and growing Asian-American voter population.