TheLiberalOC.com has posted an “open letter” to Councilman Jordan Brandman from leftist academic and 2014 Anaheim City Council candidate Jose F. Moreno. While it is primarily a tour-de-force of economic ignorance that is nonsense from beginning to end, it is also the first time to my knowledge that the man joined with the ACLU in a lawsuit to carve Anaheim into single-member council districts is openly acknowledging the main point was to elect more Democrats to the Anaheim City Council.

Moreno, a supporter of the socialist Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy, underscores that throughout his missive (emphases added):

Your vote may have a direct and negative bearing in relation to future Latino and Democratic councilmembers given the promise of District elections now in place for 2016.

…this deal binds the future hands of City Councils which via District elections promise to be more Latino and Democratic.

On the eve of finally having a working-class oriented and Latino presence vis-à-vis district based elections in Anaheim, your vote may be the vote that binds the governing options of more diverse and potentially Democratic City Councils.

If this deal goes through, how will our more diverse and democratic[sic] councils be able to effectively govern?

It seems that if projections of this deal are not fulfilled, it will be Latino and Democratic Councils that will be forced into cutting vital services to our own neighborhoods since corporate interests will have been shielded by long-term binding agreements and policies.

Future bond obligations with extremely limited abilities to raise revenues will force Latino and democratic [sic] city councils to impose draconian cuts to local social safety nets.

If you vote to support 100% tax-exemptions for multi-billion dollar corporations, a more diverse and Democratic city council will simply have to be the ones to cut services, try to renegotiate hard fought for pensions by our city employees, and ultimately privatize remaining public services.

At least Moreno is publicly, if belatedly, acknowledging what anyone with eyes to see already knew. After all, why else would left-wing interest groups from San Francisco and Washington, DC spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to carve Anaheim into council districts? Perhaps, at some point, those Republicans who joined this left-wing coalition will either emerge from denial or admit they knowingly collaborated with a political campaign to put the Anaheim City Council in the hands of Democrats.