musicNAMM’s principal trade show will be annually held in  Anaheim. NAMM or the National Association of Music Merchants is the trade association of the music industry. NAMM’s activities and programs promote music making for people of all ages.

NAMM’s collaboration with schools supports the goal that all children have access to musical instruments, and idea supported by NAMM, whose members welcome a new market of 19,000 local children and adolescents, potential buyers of musical instruments. Children will also gain exposure to music from more than the punk, funk, rap, hip-hop generations.

The inclusion of the music in school curriculum provides a broader meaning to education, which more and more schools have excluded, instead focusing on standards, accountability, testing, and more testing. It is hoped that music will soon again be regarded as a core component of education.

Read the complete story here, written by Michael Buss, a member of the Board of Directors of the Anaheim Arts Council.