As readers may know, the coalition of left-wing pressure groups trying – with much success – to control Anaheim’s districting process degenerated into a mob at this week’s Anaheim City Council meeting. After a council vote went against them, coalition operatives erupted, shouting “Shut it down!” in an attempt to prevent the city council from continuing the people’s business.

Mayor Tom Tait attempted to gavel them to order, which the mob ignored. He should have instructed police officers in the chamber to remove the disruptive agitators so the council could attend to agenda items to which law-abiding Anaheim citizens want it to attend. Instead, the mayor adjourned the meeting – thereby giving the mob what it wanted, and leaving no doubt as to who was actually in control of the council chambers.

The preceding is by way of giving context to this photo, which one of the instigators, OCCORD, posted on its Facebook page earlier that day:

Magcalas OCCORD FB post 12-15-15

The gentleman in the lower right of the photo, wearing the short-brimmed fedora, is Paolo Magcalas, who teaches the Ethnic Studies course inaugurated this fall at Loara High School to teach impressionable students that America is a racist nation that oppresses people of color. Those are his students, and that is obviously his public school classroom. Here is Magcalas a few hours later at the council meeting:


Does anyone think the average, taxpaying Anaheim voter thinks using students to make protest signs so they can be part of an unruly political mob is the best use of class time and their education tax dollars? It will certainly good training if these students aspire to college careers as progressive campus thought police eager to shout down dissenting voices.

Loara High School is in the Anaheim Union High School District, whose board of education cried poor mouth to convince Mayor Tait and Councilmembers James Vanderbilt and Jordan Brandman that they must be given a permanent slice of the city budget pie.  Great to see the tax dollars the AUHSD does have are being put to such productive use.

Magcalas told the OC Register this spring:

The yearlong class will cover how Native Americans were treated by European settlers, immigration and the Civil Rights movements, and race relations in Orange County and Anaheim.

That will include a discussion of the civil unrest that erupted in July 2012, when two Latino men were fatally shot by Anaheim police – a topic that Magcalas said led to developing the class.

“I was sad to see what was going on in my community in 2012,” Magcalas said. “I want to teach the students how to properly take action in their community, rather than destroy it.”

So, in a class whose creation was inspired by a riot, students were used to at least support what turned into a near-riot. We don’t know how many, if any, of Magcalas students went to the December 15 council meeting and joined in shutting down the city council.

The AUHSD’s curriculum director, Diane Donnelly-Toscano, told the OC Register in May:

“We want the students to have a whole curriculum that goes beyond reading, writing and math,” Donnelly-Toscano said.

Judging by the photo, I’d say mission accomplished.

Ada Briceno, the vice-commandante of UNITE-HERE Local 11 and interim honcho of OCCORD who was one of the leaders of the mob action, has vowed to “escalate” going forward. That should make for some fun classroom exercises in Loara High School’s Ethnic Studies course.