Council Candidate Round-Up: Who’s Running So Far

The council districts map is set, as is the sequencing of which council districts will be on which ballot:

Anaheim council districts map large

Districts 1, 3, 4 and 5 will be on the ballot this year. After the November election, a random drawing will determine which of those four will henceforth be on the non-presidential year ballot with Districts 2 and 6.

So who is running?

District 1
orlando perez smallOnly one candidate has filed to run in the most west-ward of the two West Anaheim council districts: realtor Orlando Perez. Judging by his Facebook posts, he’s a Republican of the Tea Party persuasion. According to people who have spoken with him, he’s nice, earnest but still learning about city issues.

connor trautIt’s assumed Centralia School District Board of Education member Conor Traut also plans to run here. Traut is a Democrat who lived in Anaheim as a small child, grew up in Ladera Ranch, then moved to Anaheim at the end of 2013 and ran for the Centralia school board in 2014 at the age of 20. In October, he led a OC Young Democrat-backed surprise attack to capture the West Anaheim Neighborhood Council as part of what the OCYD’s termed a campaign to “take back Anaheim.” This did not sit well with long-time West Anaheim activists.

District 3
Councilman Jordan Brandman lives in District 3, and will stand for re-election there. He will almost certainly be challenged by Jose F. Moreno, the leftist academic who was the name plaintiff in the Moreno v. City of Anaheim lawsuit that precipitated the shift from at-large to by-district elections. The constituencies of the left-wing coalition behind the by-district elections project seemed assured Moreno will win – their confidence based on Moreno being the top vote getter in that part of Anaheim when he unsuccessfully ran for council in 2014. Also, Moreno and the OCCORD-UNITE cadres have been working to co-opt the anti-STR (short-term rentals) activists in hopes of garnering their votes.

That’s apples and oranges, and running against an incumbent who was the top vote-getter in his own first – and by contrast successful – council is a different ball game.

District 4
Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring lives here, and is up for re-election. Her detractors tend to discount her based on her losing 2014 mayoral run, but she’s running as the incumbent this time, not against an incumbent. Furthermore, the facets of by-district elections praised by its proponents  – fewer voters with whom to communicate, generally less expensive to run – work in her favor.

robert williams 2The only other declared candidate is a Robert Williams, who lives near East Street and Lincoln Avenue. He filed his Candidate Intention Statement on November 30 of last year. According to his LinkedIn profile, Williams has been an emergency medical services (ES) professional. He has also created a LinkedIn page to fundraise for his council candidacy.

Judging by his re-tweeting the CTA endorsement of Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate, I’m guessing Williams is a Democrat. He takes quite a few Twitter shots at Jose Moreno, whom he mistakenly thinks is running in District 4.

Martin Lopez (L), Jose Moreno (R)

Martin Lopez (L), Jose Moreno (R)

Word on the street is UNITE-HERE staffer Martin Lopez intends to run. Lopez has been a leader of the district elections political project, lives in the Sherwood Village condos by the Convention Center. Sherwood Village is at ground zero in the STR controversy, and Lopez has been at the forefront of efforts to ban them entirely.  At the same, his politics are waaaaaay to the Left – far more than most Anaheimers.

District 5
There’s no incumbent councilmember in District 5, and the only declared candidate is Ana R. Martinez, who lives in an apartment near Ball Road and State College Blvd.

There you have it, with more surely to come.


  1. Thus is so exciting!!! I look forward to holding each of these candidates accountable for the street-gang activity in their wonderful districts!

  2. Does nobody else find this exciting!!!!!!!!!

  3. I find it disappointing that these are the candidates. Why do I feel like the seven dwarfs are running or maybe they are minions from Despicable Me. I have heard nothing from any of them regarding any issue that is important in Anaheim and look forward to debates or at least a decent candidate deciding to enter the race. And short term rentals should not be permitted. That is what motels or hotels are for. Not neighborhoods

  4. I sure hope the candidate field widens. Otherwise I’m writing in Bozo the Clown.

  5. So today’s fuss-festival is caused by too few candidates announcing for seats that were far from certain until last night. Seems legit. And while you are running down those brave enough to step into an arena that they know they will trash their reputations and suck the life from them (with our without factual basis) I have not seen you identify good people you want to see running, nor have you offered reason for supporting the incumbents. What exactly is the purpose of this website? Are we really so short on bad news in this world we need you inventing non-issues to be wadded up about? This site spends way too much time pointing to what is wrong with Anaheim, and you seem to have blinders on for anything in Anaheim worth celebrating, unless it transfers funds from government into the pockets of your friends, then we are all evil for not celebrating it.

    • Here is a quick translation for anyone new to Anaheim: Anything that increases Anaheim’s ability to attract and retain tourism and conventions is considered bad news to CATER. This is especially important because tourism and conventions fill the city coffers and keep cost of service down for residents. CATER apparently hates that.

    • You are right CW- many good people don’t want to run as their reputations will be put through the ringer based on claims that are nott necessarily true. Who would want to put themselves out there when they’ll be attacked for merely disagreeing? The problem is that you align with Guys like Diamond who engage in exactly that practice. Disagree all you want on policy or philosophy, but when we attack below the belt and name call, we accomplish nothing.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “And while you are running down those brave enough to step into an arena that they know they will trash their reputations…”

      I didn’t trash anyone, Cynthia. But man oh man – being lectured on civility by annual winner of the Ms. Smashmouth Anaheim Pageant really takes the cake. You are the queen of the personal attack, Cynthia. Your irresistible instinct is to go for the character jugular every time, facts and truth be damned.

      Next time you feel the urge to go into pious lecture mode, take some time to review your own record of vicious record, scribblings and utterances while tightly gripping one of those “Anaheim – City of Kindness” poker chips.

      “This site spends way too much time pointing to what is wrong with Anaheim…”

      If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. And how many times have we seen you proclaim Anaheim to be doomed and publicly threaten to move out of the city? Puh-leeze.

  6. So it looks like in district 4, the union /’ unite-here’ wants to take over the council so they can unionize the anaheim hotels. They send their Martin Lopez, who instigates and creates hate at sherwood village.

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