At the end of 2015, Councilman Jordan Brandman had proposed revisiting the council district maps in order to ensure there were two Latino-majority council districts among the 7 districts into which Anaheim was being carved. He cited the new Census numbers that were coming out in late January that might change the CVAP (Citizens of Voting Age Population) in each district – which is the measure of whether a council district is or isn’t Latino majority.

He was greeted by a torrent of vitriol, outrage and mob antics from the self-styled vanguard of “the people” of Anaheim, who wanted their Reyes map – as they and sympathetic media call it, “The People’s Map.” They were fine with one Latino-majority district (District 3) and two Latino-plurality districts (District 4 and 5).

Tired of this racial bean-counting already?

Well, this Tuesday the Anaheim City Council will cast its third and final vote to approve the Reyes map and designated council district sequencing. According to the attached staff report, Brandman was right: using the new CVAP numbers, the Reyes Map no longer has any Latino-majority districts:

new CVAP data

Dan Chmielewski over at also noted the change:

The city’s demographer will explain all of this at Tuesday’s meeting in which the City Council is expected to give final approval to “The People’s Map.”  Frankly, there’s no real reason for them not to approve the Map and there’s no real time to make enough subtle changes to push District 3 over 50%.

In a way, these numbers serve to absolve Council member Jordan Brandman who saw problems with the People’s Map and asked for patience to resolve it.  Brandman and the Council relented and gave the people want they wanted — the People’s Map.  And now we learn the People’s Map has no Latino Majority district.  But if two Latino plurality seats were good, adding a third shouldn’t really change the equation, should it?

So now what happens?

District 3 is now a Latino plurality district, not a Latino majority one.  Anaheim has three Latino plurality districts.  Does this mean additional lawsuits?  What new demands might be made?  I have to ask, are any apologies due to Brandman from community activists, political bloggers as well as the leadership of the Democratic Party of Orange County?  I won’t hold my breath.  But while Brandman was correct about his view on the numbers; but for those loudly demanding Justice, there was no listening.