Voting in the all-mail special election for Orange Unified School District Board of Education Area 1 ends tomorrow at midnight, which is the time by which ballots must be post-marked.

There are two candidates: Andrea Yamasaki and Greg Salas. Both live in Area 1 (basically, Anaheim Hills) as required by law, but are voted on district-wide. Click here for back story on this contentious battle.

Yamasaki has been the beneficiary of broad support from parent activists and the OUSD teachers union, and it shows: last week we received our third and fourth mailers from the Yamasaki campaign:

Yamasaki mailer 2-25 med

Yamasaki mailer 2-26 med


Not a single voter communication from Salas has landed in our mail box.

Given the wide disparity in resources and enthusiasm between the two candidates, it would take a minor miracle for Salas to upset Yamasaki.