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File this under “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”

Since losing her bid for the 68th Assembly District, former Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly has been fashioning herself as a sort of Taxpayer Advocate At Large. Pauly had been a leading opponent of the last Orange Unified School District facilities bond, Measure K, which failed by a razor-thin margin in 2014.

She planned to file the ballot argument against the newest OUSD bond, Measure S – only to discover that find her plans up-ended by the weird and eccentric, ketchup-stealing former OUSD Trustee Steve Rocco – who had also submitted an argument as head of the “Committee Against the Orange Unified School District Bond.”

Election law stipulates a first-come, first-serve order to ballot arguments regarding initiatives: the first qualified person to submit an argument wins (within a defined hierarchy of preference per the status of the signers).

According to state election law, if more than one argument against a school bond is submitted, the official conducting “shall give preference and priority, in the order named, to the arguments of the following”:

(a) The governing board of the district or a member or members of the board.

(b) The individual voter, or bona fide associations of citizens, or combination of voters and associations, who are the bona fide sponsors or proponents of the measure.

(c) Bona fide associations of citizens.

(d) Individual voters who are eligible to vote on the measure.

Pauly’s argument was filed Friday, August 19 while Rocco’s was filed Monday, August 22.  Both actually are filing on behalf of “bona fide associations of citizens.”  Since the law doesn’t specify what happens when two arguments of equal standing are filed, it was OC Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley’s prerogative – so he held a coin toss, which Rocco won.

OC Daily hasn’t read the argument Pauly was going to make, but when OUSD voters get their sample ballots, the anti-Measure S argument they’ll read is 250 words of crazy, courtesy of Steve Rocco.

There’s no need to recap the nuttiness of Rocco’s ravings – the lunacy speaks for itself:

Argument Against Measure S

Yet, again?

It seems to be a yearly ritual that the OUSD puts a bond on the ballot?

The dysfunctional board is in agreement, with only one thing: they want your money!

I was replaced by a real estate agent. The rest are either ORANGE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE members or taken money from them.

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