Elections have consequences – and the truth of that cliche was on display at last night’s Anaheim City Council meeting as the Tait Majority served up a heaping portion of revenge on Councilwoman Lucille Kring.

In 2014, Kring had the temerity to challenge Tom Tait for re-election as mayor of the City of Kindness. A little more more than two years later, Tait and his council allies responded to removing her from every single regional board on which she represents Anaheim.

The most bizarre incident was Kring’s removal from the Orange County Sanitation District and replacement by newly-elected District 1 Councilwoman Denise Barnes.

The OCSD is a major special district responsible for critical infrastructure such as the massive, world-renowned Groundwater Replenishment System. Kring has served on the OCSD Board of Directors for four years and was positioned to become vice chairman. That would have made her OCSD Chair in 2018 – the first Anaheim councilmember to hold that position in many years.

Instead, Tait nominated Denise Barnes – who barely understands how Anaheim’s city government works, let alone a huge special district like OCSD. Barnes herself inadvertently threw that disconnect into even more stark relief during her council comments, in which she asked for patience because she was still figuring things out. Naturally, the logical person to represent the county’s largest most important city on the body governing Orange County’s sanitation system is the councilmember who is still figuring things out.

Politics isn’t bean bag. This isn’t the first time an ascendant faction has dealt out punishment to the old guard. But everyone should recognize this for what it is.

We hear a lot of  talk about the City of Kindness and the Dalai Lama, the governing spirit of the new Tait Majority seesm more animated by the example of the ancient Roman dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla, who once said, “No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.”