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I noted earlier this month that District 3 Councilman Jose F, Moreno has changed his tune, at least superficially, about the Anaheim Police Department and staffing levels. While Candidate Moreno dismissed the idea that more police led to greater public safety, Councilman Moreno is very worried that Anaheim police staffing levels aren’t high enough.

This past weekend, Moreno was awarded the Public Service Award by the Law Enforcement Accountability Network, or LEAN.

LEAN was started by local anti-police activists who frequent Anaheim City Council meetings to criticize the police in the harshest, over-the-top terms. It is “fiscally sponsored” by the ACLU. Despite the group’s soft-pedaled official “we want to improve policing” rhetoric, the people behind it view the police as violent, anti-Latino trigger-happy thugs and are in the habit of denouncing officer-involved shootings as “murders.”

LEAN attracts the support of #resistance-type social justice warriors such as Monica Brasov-Curca, seen here at the LEAN event:

SJW Monica Brasov-Curca (L)

SJW Monica Brasov-Curca (L)

Brasov-Curca is a good illustration of how LEAN supporters see the world:

brasov-curca palais FB 2-23-17 2

Remember the after-school incident in West Anaheim between the off-duty LAP officer and the crowd of teenage males? To Brasov-Curca, this was an example of white supremacy at work:

When in doubt, blame white supremacists.

When in doubt, blame white supremacists.

Brasov-Curca helped organize the protest in that neighborhood that predictably degenerated into a riot, leading to “protesters” vandalizing the home of an elderly couple by breaking car windows:

brasov-curca palais street protest


Brasov-Curca’s was unrepentant about property damage that resulted from the protest-turned-riot she helped instigate:

brasoc-curca broken window FB 2-24-17

Yes. Let’s not let rioting antifas and vandalizing the property of innocent homeowners distract us from fighting the white supremacist power structure embodied in a lone off-duty cop tangling with a large band of aggressive teenagers.

This is the spirit of LEAN supporters, and they’ve let us know that Jose F. Moreno is their kind of councilmember.