Lorri Galloway Announces Candidacy For Anaheim Mayor, Pledges “We Can Do Better”

Lorri Galloway announce AB featFormer Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway announced her candidacy for Anaheim Mayor today, promising to focus on affordable housing, homelessness, crime and growing the Anaheim Resort. She joins a growing field of credible candidates competing for the voters’ nod in 2018.

Standing on the steps of Anaheim City Hall and interspersing her speech with Spanish, Galloway said “I believe in Anaheim, and I believe we can do better. Creo en Anaheim!

She said that during her eight years on the Anaheim City Council she succeeded in bringing “clear and tangible benefits to our local residents” including the Anaheim Affordable Housing Strategic Plan that “brought thousands of new affordable housing units to our city.”

Galloway also pointed to her role in founding the Orange County Family Justice Center as “creating a new model” for how “law enforcement works together with social service agencies to better serve victims of family crime and violence.”

Alluding to incumbent Mayor Tom Tait’s acrimonious political isolation for most of the past seven years, Galloway talked up her ability to work with people of divergent views.

“I realize that a successful mayor cannot operate in a silo,” Galloway said. “I know how to reach out to my council colleagues to create relationships based on mutual respect, reach across the aisle and build consensus to get things done.”

She called for “building an economy in Anaheim to benefits everyone” and for “fair living wages and fair working conditions.” She said it “should be easier to open a business in our city, and in fact we should have a sign in front of City Hall saying ‘We Are Open for Business.”

Galloway said the city should offer “micro-loans to new start-ups that spark the economy and bring in new jobs.”

lorri galloway mayor announceShe diverged from the increasingly strident Resort rhetoric of fellow Democrat mayoral candidate Ashleigh Aitken, saying “Let’s support the growth of the Resort Area because that brings in thousands of new jobs for our hard-working residents.”

Calling for “realistic solutions to house the homeless,” Galloway promised one her “top priorities” will be moving the homeless into shelters “or other facilities” and “cleaning up the encampments so we can return our riverbed and our parks back to our communities.”

“I have plan that will create a funding stream to a public-private partnership to increase the stock of affordable housing here in Anaheim so our hard-working families aren’t pushed into homelessness,” said the former councilwoman, although she didn’t provide specifics.

Galloway spoke of her “track record working directly with developers to incentivize affordable housing developments” and pushing to streamline permitting and processing for such developments.

Crime and homelessness are at the top of voter concerns, and Galloway said “No one should have to live in fear by simply walking through their neighborhood because of gang violence” and vowed to be “tough on gangs” while out-reaching to at-risk youth “before it’s too late.” She said the city needs to give the police the tools and resources to do their job while “diverting our young folks into positive alternatives” and “specialized training.”

Galloway closed by pledging to be a “voice for all of Anaheim.”

She joins what has become the most crowded field of credible mayoral canididates for an open seat since 2002, when former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle defeated Councilmembers Lucille Kring and Frank Feldhaus and La Habra Police Chief Steve Staveley.

Also running for mayor next year are former Anaheim Councilman and Republican businessman Harry Sidhu; Anaheim Hills attorney and OC Fair Board member Ashleigh Aitken, a former city commissioner and daughter of Democratic powerhouse Wylie Aitken; and GOP small businessman and Anaheim Boys and Girls Club Executive Director John Machiaverna.


  1. Candidate’s for Mayor Galloway and Sidhu are the two best choices. I can only think of one bad thing each of them did. Galloway helped shut down the circus with elephants and Sidhu interfered with the professional football team coming to Anaheim. However, they are experienced and would be excellent leaders. Tom Tait is the worst Mayor in the history of Anaheim sympathizing with graffiti vandal gangbangers and service resistant transients so we look forward to a better Anaheim after the election. God help us in the meantime!

    • Harry Sidhu wants to change the zoning laws to further our overcrowding? I want to hear more from him. What exactly does he stand for? We have a crazy governor. We need someone that doesn’t stand along side him like tate.

      No more softy milk duds

  2. What an interesting mix. Recycled, been there , done that and I just keep running until I get elected candidates. Welcome to our elections. Give me somebody new.

    • Larry Herschler: TOTALLY AGREE! We need someone new or we are doomed to repeat the past.

      • Lorri Galloway IS NEW. She has never been Mayor before. I’m sure you helped in electing the OLD/RECYCLED MAYOR TAIT for the past multiple terms….what exactly HAS he done?!?!?…..NOTHING…We need change…LORRI IS IT….

        • We need a candidate that will not be soft on issues.

          We need a candidate will operate within the laws and not be soft on them.

          No more playdoh and gift baskets for criminals of any kind, or for the homeless that will not accept help.

          We do not need a candidate that will change zoning laws without regard for the people living in Anaheim in the interest in money or funding.

          We need a candidate that is people first. We need candidate that whose primary focus will be making decisions while asking themselves is this the best thing for the residents of Anaheim.

          We need a candidate that will over haul City Hall and those governed by it.
          We need a candidate that will over haul the police department and have their numbers increase which would allow them to have enough people to enforce all laws. We need a candidate that will instruct our police to enforce the laws. This is to include but not be limited to, THE HOMELESS ISSUE. Our homeless issue has made national news with the magnitude of it. We need a decisive candidate that will deal with the issue and not sit around studying it.

          We need a candidate that won’t sell out the people but instead with have the residents of Anaheim’s best interest always in their mind.

          I do not hear any candidates to date that would meet this criteria.

          This time Anaheim. This time we must vote wisely.

    • You certainly have fine pen, Larry!

  3. “We Can Do Better than Lorri Galloway” is my pledge. We can’t do much worse!

  4. As many know, I was once a very enthusiastic member of Team Galloway. Sadly, perhaps infamously, I am no longer there. While it could be that I moved a bit towards the right on the political spectrum, I also attribute our falling out to, among other things, the complexity and brutal nature of politics, maybe Anaheim politics in particular. Anyone who knows me knows that I am, or at least was, naive. With all that said, I truly wish Lorri, and I’ll always think of her as Lorri, the very best in this campaign. Looking back, I know she is a truly good person. Mea culpa.

  5. You sound rather embellished. If you made such strides in your past position on the CC, why did you wate to enter this race. And why has the cities’ homeless problem reached critical mass. If you did such a spanking good job with the indigent problem, why is it still here and why didn’t you offer your your silver bullet solution to the current cadre of stooges, infesting the ACC. Your darling face and overall sex appeal will likely get you behind the mayor’s desk however, it won’t help you to become a better civil servant. Only the spirit and intent of an ass-over-elbows leader will be able to rise above the political pollution that is choaking out measurable progress. I’m going to back you with my good name and ornery demeanor. Good Luck, Good Lookin, the horse stall needs a good cleaning.

    • I failed to mention my candidate by name, Ms. Lori Galloway’s her name and throwing blows is her game. Maybe, we will see, hopefully, let us pray.

  6. i am looking for a mayor with common sense. dont spend money on causes which do not benefit the residents of Anaheim. When a deal is made with Disney, dont backpaddle because the location changed. then scramble when Disney stops. Be smart and realize Disney is all business not bs.
    u analized cause of homelessness, solve it. dont put phrases out there and nothing happens. dont inconvenience the residents/visitors or bus riders by pulling the benches at the bus stops.
    no moreno ideas please.

  7. OK, so Dr. Moreno is supporting Ashley Aitken and Cynthia Ward.

    Lorri Galloway’s attitude of the Homeless matches Dr. Moreno.

    So that leaves Harry Sidhu for Mayor.

    Wednesday night, the ARA is hosting debates for Mayor and the three council seats. Starts at 7 PM at the Phoenix Club. Event is open to the public and free. All candidates have been invited today.

  8. Ms. Galloway, Royal Oak Anaheim Hills you have a big sign on Private Property maintained by us you must take it down we tried to e-mail you but did not work, the code is private property you cant put a sign on it, it will be taken down today by city code, thank you but you cant do this on private property. Mrs. Williams owners

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