Anaheim Insider here.

Socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders came to Anaheim this past Saturday to plump for the unions’ $18 minimum wage initiative that’s expected to be on the November ballot. The venue was The River Church arena next to City Hall, and the arena was packed with Resort union activists and progressive Democratic activists.

It was unsurprising that left-wing activists like UNITE-HERE leader Ada Briceno, Councilman Jose F. Moreno, AUHSD Superintendent Mike Matsuda and local school board members Al Jabbar, Ryan Ruelas and Jose Paolo Magcalas were there.

More surprising was who joined them in applauding and giving standing ovations to Sander’s full-throated class warfare rhetoric against greedy capitalists: Councilmember Denise Barnes, the supposedly conservative Republican from District 1:

According to several people who attended the rally, Barnes was clapping and applauding along with the crowd of union activists as the socialist from Vermont inveighed against “corporate greed.”

Councilmember Denise Barnes cheering for Bernie Sanders.

An attendee forwarded smart phone video of Barnes feelin’ the Bern. It’s a bit grainy, but Barnes and her husband can be seen immediately below and a little to the right of the white column:

“When we stand together, we’re gonna win here in Anaheim, and all over the country,” shouted Sanders in his trademark Brooklyn accent, to applause from Barnes.

“If a corporation like Disney has enough money to pay its CEO over $400 million in a four-year period, it damn well has enough money to pay its workers at least $15 an hour!” Sander exhorted the crowd, prompting Barnes to give the Vermont socialist a standing ovation.

Barnes campaigned on the Tom Tait platform of repealing the luxury hotel TOT rebate program, and now she’s cheering on a socialist who believes in government direction of the economy at a rally to have the government impose a dramatically increased wage floor?

Meanwhile, Barnes constituents are stunned by her recent claim on her Facebook page that “we have had no serious impacts from the Baymont [Motel] since the clearing of the river trail“: