This week, the Anaheim City Council tackled the critical, pressing issue of adopting a new city flag. The council voted 5-2 (Kris Murray and Lucille Kring abstaining) to adopt this as the City of Anaheim’s new flag:

Now, right-click on the new Anaheim flag image, click on “Search Google for image” and check out the search result: “Flag of Europe.” In other words, when the Google “sees” the new City of Anaheim flag, it thinks it’s looking at the flag of the European Union.

That’s not surprising;  here’s the European Union flag, for comparison:

After all the time and money spent on this ridiculous exercise in pointless, feel-good governance, the City of Anaheim has taken the flag of the European Union, slapped a light blue horizontal bar across it, tweaked the stars and pronounced it the new municipal flag.

On to the next pressing issue facing Anaheim.

UPDATE: The new flag isn’t getting a lot of love from residents, judging by the comments on the city’s Facebook page and Councilwoman Kris Murray’s Facebook page.