Norwalk Porsche Dealership Pouring Thousands Into Jose F. Moreno, Patty Gaby Council Campaigns

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno styles himself as spokesman for “the people,” a champion for the downtrodden and voiceless. As it turns out, he’s also popular with people who sell sleek and expensive Porsches.

According to his most recent Form 497 filing, the democratic socialist pulled $8,000 in campaign contributions from the owner and three employees of McKenna Porsche in Norwalk – each giving the maximum $2,000 contribution.  The contributions came from:

  • Michele Joo – attorney
  • Daniel McKenna III – CEO
  • Hutton McKenna – salesman
  • Jeri McKenna – management

But wait – there’s more.

Four days later, District 6 candidate Patty Gaby – who, like leftist Democrat Moreno – is part of the Tait Slate of council candidates – also received $8,000 in contributions from four McKenna Porsche employees:

  • Michele Joo
  • Daniel McKenna
  • Gregory Stolrow – chief financial officer
  • Bob Zand – chief operating officer

Interesting that so many employees of a Norwalk luxury car dealership, who don’t live in Anaheim, are motivated enough to max out to a left-wing Democrat and Republican tyro running for Anaheim City Council.


  1. BOYCOTT MCKENNA PORSCHE AND ANY OTHER COMPANY DONATING TO JOSE MORENO AND HIS FRIENDS: PATTY GABY, RYAN RUELES, AL JABBAR. Lets get Vanderbilt out too now that he voted Tate/Moreno’s way we know who is aligned with.

    Disney pour your money into those not aligned with these people. They will continue with their agenda and it is against you and what is right for the betterment of Anaheim.

    Anaheim is in a civil war with this election being critical. Yes, say it out loud and lets roll up our sleeves and meet the challenge. I for one will not give up Anaheim, the city that I have lived in all of my life without a fight. We will fight with our votes, our money, our neighborhood conversation, and our businesses, YES WE NEED DISNEY.

    We cannot stand for our flag to be replaced like it was, our schools to be in the shape they are with failing test scores. We cannot stand to have our streets look the way they do. We cannot stand to have our parks look the way they do. We cannot stand to have our neighborhoods/shopping areas look the way they do. We cannot stand up and allow our city to be labeled a hostile business climate by our largest employer.

    We cannot withstand any more time with Moreno, and his cohorts previously mentioned, representing us as a city official. We cannot vote for Jose Moreno again. We cannot let him move Anaheim “forward” in this direction. He is the nucleus of the problems in Anaheim and the direction of our city. If you look at our city’s recent history and you will find Jose Moreno in the center of every issue. He is a Socialist period.

    Jose Moreno, and anyone standing with him, is very bad for Anaheim.

    We must fight with our votes. DO NOT VOTE FOR JOSE MORENO.

  2. Anaheim Blog please take your journalistic gloves off and leave no stone unturned in regard to Jose Moreno’s campaign and business agenda/tactics. Please clearly clarify all those who stand with Jose Moreno and share his policies/viewpoints. We need voters to understand exactly who he is.
    We need the voters in Anaheim to understand who they are and what they stand for. We need to expose their activities and campaign spending/tactics.

    We need you Anaheim blog to do what is right for Anaheim and its people and help us rid our city of this group led by Jose Moreno.

    Just the truth and nothing but..

    • Just the truth and nothing but? You don’t really understand anything. I guess these commenters are still a bunch of oldies, sitting at home w/ nothing better to do then invest their time into the internet and comment on the things that obviously keep them up at night, hence their age and capability to understand the truth in 2018. In all my years of living you guys really sicken me, you really do. Good luck in November…to crash and burn into a dirt pit

  3. Is the mayor getting a new Porsche for his commute to Laguna Beach?

  4. Of course it is against state law for the owner of a company to reimburse his employees’ campaign contributions.
    I can’t believe all these employees have the same interest in Anaheim politics without someone motivating (or reimbursing) them.
    This looks ripe for an inveatigation.

  5. JOSE MORENO birthday super walk BEWARE – SHUT YOUR DOORS ON HIS LIES ABOUT ALL THE GOOD HE DOES FOR DISTRICT 3 = His district looks worse and that is the truth.

    The truth and nothing but…

  6. Warning: Jose Moreno doing his walks – shut your door on him – HE LIES. Do not buy what he is selling. He lies. He will tell you how wonderful he is and how much good he has done for District 3 – LIE. He will tell you he is a man of the people, all people – another lie.

    He lies.

    He cares only about Jose Moreno and what is good for Jose Morenn.

    His help has left Anaheim in a mess. He has been everywhere but District 3 all the while District 3 has fallen further into disrepair.

    All the while he walks around telling everyone how wonderful he is and how much good he has done. He lies.

    Drive around District 3 and look at what it looks like. Talk to residents in District 3 they are unhappy.

    Jose Moreno is out for his Socialist agenda and to further its agenda. He is doing so by bringing along his buddies helping get them elected.

    We must get them out of Anaheim.
    Do not vote for Al Jabbar
    Do not vote for Ryan Ruelas
    Do not vote for Ms. Trejo
    Do not vote for anyone associated with Jose Moreno and certainly DO NOT VOTE FOR JOSE MORENO.

    This is not about anything other than what is happening in Anaheim and the only ones who can stop it now is us – the voters. These are not Democrats they are Socialists and they are bad for Anaheim.

    • Funny republicans trying to take over yet another district. That’ll be the day…hah

      Vote for Moreno this November 6th!

      • Long time local community leader Mitch Caldwell is running against Dr. Moreno.

        Mitch Caldwell is a Democrat.

        >>Anaheim’s Council District 3 deserves a City Council Member that focuses on serving our neighborhoods, not grandstanding at City Hall. Together, we can make our city a better place for all residents. <<

  7. How nice of you to post, Tim. All of those words to say absolutely nothing.

    MoreNO’s neighbors hate MoreNO. The guy who lives across the street from him put up a Caldwell sign today. You gotta love it! MoreNO has spent all of two years turning District 3 into a cesspool and my oh my he’s got ever bigger plans for the next four years if elected. He’s so blinded to taking down the mouse that he can’t take care of his own house. Just say NO WAY JOSE!

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