New AUHSD Assistant Principal: No Ethnic Studies In School Equals “Structural Racism”

Jose Lara, the new Assistant Principal of Dale Junior High School in Anaheim, thinks public schools that don’t offer “ethnic studies” classes are guilty of “structural racism” and has praised violent communist leaders Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh as role models for our youth.

Jose Lara has a long-track as a radical leftist activist and leader of the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition, a political advocacy group whose goal is to require California high school students to take an ethnic studies class in order to graduate. He was named Social Justice Teacher of the Year by the nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association, and has been lobbying the state legislature to pass AB 2772, which would have imposed ethnic studies as a high school graduation requirement. Ultimately, the legislature amend  the bill to set up a pilot program in which 10-15 school districts would opt-in to require it for high school graduation.

At Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s re-election campaign kick-off this July, Lara was introduced to enthusiastic applause from a who’s-who of Orange County progressives:

In a July 27, 2015 article in NEA Today, Lara said, ““Keeping students from learning about their own history is structural racism, and as educators we have the responsibility to do something about it,” he said.

In other words, Lara believes schools without an ethnic studies class are, by definition, racist. That is a radical position far outside the mainstream, and illustrates the extremes to which American progressive thinking has devolved. Racial segregation in public education, the military, public accommodations, etc – that’s structural racism. But to leftists like Lara, simply not having Ethnic Studies on the curriculum is enough to condemn a school as racist. Like so much in the world of progressives and social justice warriors, Lara’s belief is far removed from the real world in which reasonable people live.

Admiration For Mass Murderer Che Guevara
Lara’s political radicalism is disturbingly on display in this 2010 profile on RT (Russia Today – an English-language television network funded by the Russian government). The feature focuses on Lara’s Centro Cultural Fancisco Villa, “where the seeds of revolution are being planted.”

“The walls here are decorated with foreign revolutionaries like  Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara.”

“Che Guevara did fight against dictatorships,right?” gushes Lara. “And if you’re against dictatorships, then you support somebody like Che Guevara.”

What Lara forgets or dismisses is Guevara was a truly bloodthirsty revolutionary who reveled in executing those who disagreed with his revolutionary ideas. He helped topple the Batista dictatorship and then helped Fidel Castro liquidate other anti-Batista rebels and established a far worse, far more oppressive totalitarian dictatorship that continues today.

“If the missiles had remained we would have used them against the very heart of the United States, including New York,” Guevara said in November 1962. “We must never establish peaceful co-existence. We must walk the path of victory even if it costs millions of atomic victims.”

Jose Lara’s hero

Ho Chi Minh was the leader of a brutal Communist dictatorship that nearly 60,000 Americans died fighting against to [prevent its conquest of South Vietnam. Orange County’s huge Vietnamese community is the result of South Vietnamese fleeing the oppression of the Hanoi regime Ho founded.

Keep in mind Jose Lara views these guys are role models for his students.

“We’re talking about these figures who did revolutionary change,” says Lara. “That’s something we talk about inside the classroom.”

How ignorant or ideologically blinded – or both – does a person have to be to idolize Che Guevara, or hold up Ho Chi Minh as a “social justice” role model. To do so requires turning a blind eye to the plain truth of history. Lara clearly sees himself as a champion of the oppressed, but by his choice of heroes he is actually dismissing the mass oppression of the powerless at the hands of revolutionaries like Guevara and Ho.

“What we’re seeing here in the United States is a resurgence of outright political, cultural, social oppression,” claims Lara. The reporter notes that Lara “suggests that aspects of socialism might help accomplish” greater equality.

“To him, the route to revolution begins with organizing. The message is loud and clear with some of his students.”

“Revolution always starts in the hearts and minds of people,” Lara tells the reporter, who adds this post-script: “Hearts and minds that have some very large figures to look up to.”

Lara’s Radicalism Is A Perfect Fit For Matsuda’s Politicized Anaheim Union High School District
Parents at Dale Junior High School must be very reassured to know their new assistant principal thinks brutal communist thugs like Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh are good revolutionary role models from whom their children can learn valuable lessons.

It’s not surprising that a “social justice educator” like Lara – who is perfectly comfortable using the classroom to impart radical politics to his students – would be hired as an assistant principal in the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD). In fact, he’s a perfect fit in the AUHSD of Superintendent Mike Matsuda – a long-time progressive political activist. Under Matsuda’s regime, the AUHSD has become suffused with progressive politic. Matsuda and his principal cheerleader on the AUHSD Board of Education, Al Jabbar, use public resources to turn the district into a center of political resistance to the charter school movement: paying for screenings of an anti-charter school documentary; waging a public relations campaign for a moratorium on new charter schools in Orange County; using students for weekend neighborhood outreach walks in hopes of nipping pro-charter enthusiasm in the bud.

AUHSD is also very big on “civic engagement” – a public education euphemism for cultivating students to become progressive political activists. Ryan Ruelas, an Anaheim High School history teacher and member of the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education, has developed this into an art form: the AnaheimBROS student club he founded and advises provides a ready supply of precinct walkers for his school board campaigns and the campaigns of Ruelas allies like Jabbar, Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno. This fall, they’ll be knocking on doors for Mark Lopez – the former Supervisor Shawn Nelson aide who recently secured a teaching job at Anaheim High School and is now running for the AESD Board of Education with Ruelas’ backing.

Until recently, AnaheimBROS club officers called themselves “The Politburo” – the term for the ruling body of a Communist Party – with Ruelas’ knowledge:

The AnaheimBROS Politburo pitching the CTA for a funding grant.

It wasn’t until partner site OC Daily reported on this practice that an embarrassed AUHSD directed Ruelas and the BROS to stop using the term Politburo.

Even more than Lara’s enthusiasm for Communist revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh, what makes him simpatico with the prevailing zeitgeist of Matsuda’s administration is his apostleship for injecting Ethnic Studies – which is really progressive identity politics masquerading as an academic discipline – into high school classrooms. The first high school Ethnic Studies class in Orange County was launched in 2015-2016 – with Mastuda’s support – at Loara High School for history teacher Jose Paolo Magcalas.

In this 2016 paper for the UCLA Center X (“Transforming Public Schools”), Magcalas recounts his motivation. It reads like a re-education camp confession: before he could use Ethnic Studies to “benefit and empower the hundreds of oppressed students in my high school,” Magcalas writes that he first had to “unlearn the oppressive pedagogical methods” he had used to teach “a Eurocentric perspective of United States history to hundreds of students in my community.”

“I also needed to reclaim my own history and epistemology,” writes Magcalas in his cultural Marxist mea culpa. “I am sad to admit that I was the oppressed oppressor.”

In 2016, Magcalas was elected to the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education when he was lucky enough to run unopposed.

Since then, Ethnic Studies has expanded within AUHSD. It was added to the Anaheim High School curriculum starting with the 2016-17 school year. Students at AUSHD’s Savanna, Katella and Magnolia High Schools can enroll in Chicano Studies at Fullerton College through the district’s dual enrollment program.

Approximately 500 7th graders at Sycamore Junior High School were enrolled in the “Multicultural Awareness” course during the 2017-18 school year. In the Anaheim Union High School District, it’s apparently never too early to teach children to nurse grievances and think of themselves as victims of oppression.

It’s reasonable to expect Dale Junior High students will receive the same treatment now that Ethnic Studies apostle and Che Guevara fan Jose Lara is assistant principal. After all, Lara believes the revolution starts in the hearts and minds of his students.

Lara’s ideology is radical and ignorant, his admiration for bloodthirsty mass murderers like Che Guevara is morally repugnant and his willingness to use the classroom for political indoctrination is appalling. That AUHSD Superintendent Mike Matsuda has hired Lara to influence the formation of young minds – and the fact that Lara’s overt radicalism and racialism is becoming unexceptional within the AUHSD – speaks volumes about the values and direction of the Anaheim Union High School District.


  1. Surely not a coincidence that the Principal at Dale is Jose Moreno’s wife.

    • Clean Up Anaheim Now

      You are pretty good at connecting the dots!

      • We have Lara here in El Rancho Unified SD. He is a board member and created his own communist camp called, Ellen Ochoa HS. We as residents were able to shut it down. Make no mistake, he WILL do this in Anaheim. You must get the parents involved. He is a racist communist/socialist and he will attack any that disagrees with his ideology. His mentor is Ron Gochez. President of Union del barrio, Los Angeles chapter. They use the kids and brainwash them in to thinking that they are a victim of “white America”. He hates the military calling them ” Imperialist pigs” He also hates law enforcement, white people and the American Flag. He refuses to honor the pledge of allegiance. You need to do what ever u can to remove this cancer out of your district. Your children are not safe while he, and others who think like him are around. Watch out for a teachers named, Gregory Salcido and Lupe Carrasco. They will probably soon follow. He tends to bring his crowd with them.

  2. While his political views are despicable, it would be one thing if he kept them separate from his job as an educator. Obviously he doesn’t, but sees his job as an educator as an opportunity to preach his politics to his students. That’s an abuse of his position. But Mike Matsuda is blurring the lines between teaching and politics in AUHSD, so Lara does fit right in.

  3. Jose Moreno’s wife works with Jose Lara. His associates all share the same views. It is time Anaheim to rid the city of the lot of them: Moreno, Moreno, Lara, Matsuda, Magcalas, Ruelas,Asheligh Aitken, Trejo, and Jabbar, to name a few.



    • Ashleigh Aitken is running for Mayor in Anaheim. Can you provide more information on how she is connected with this?

    • Yet another question for “MHHA”, what makes other candidates better than the ones we have either in office already or the ones running simply because it’s time for change. What do you know? What district are you in? Why must we vote for anyone other than who you say is “bad for anaheim”?

      Do you have any experience in politics? That’s the real question, are you educated enough to know the difference between a good candidate and a bad one?

      Riddle me this why don’t you, one simple question to get into your pea sized brain that we’re sure you have: why are they bad for Anaheim? One simple question for one simple answer that I know we won’t receive.

    • Seems like it’s not what you know but who you know to get a job in Anaheim school districts! What happened to best qualified?

    • My Heart is Anaheim

      I agree with you 100%!
      Anaheim is in danger with these individuals brainwashing our youth!!!!!!!!
      I would also suggest to that list, Robert Saldivar, Principal of Anaheim High School. He is arrogant and his title of principal, has gone above his head!!!!!!!! He is also a disciple of Matsuda and Jose F. Moreno!!!!! Let’s take back Anaheim Union High School, Anaheim Elementary School District and the City of Anaheim. Our children’s future is in danger in the hands of Ruelas, Matsuda, Al Jabbar, Jose F. Moreno, Anne Marie Trejo, J. Paolo Magcalas, Lorena Moreno(Principal at Dale Jr. High) and Manuel Colon just to name a few!

      • MHiA: I agree. We must stop them by bringing their acts/beliefs/behaviors to the attention of the voting public. We need to list all individuals that stand with this group. Any candidates in the upcoming election that associates with this group needs to be considered as part of this group.

        Not only are our children’s future is in danger, but all of Anaheim is in danger, in the hands of Ruelas, Matsuda, Al Jabbar, Jose F. Moreno, Anne Marie Trejo, J. Paolo Magcalas, Lorena Moreno(Principal at Dale Jr. High) and Manuel Colon just to name a few!

        There seems to be readers that are paying attention but we have to keep it out in the forefront, with publicity. We must talk to our neighbors and encourage them to find out more. We must do this together. While we may differ on matters but we can’t on this one. It is time to stop it and take the steps to change Anaheim for the better.

        Please Anaheim Blog keep this story in the front of peoples minds by publishing/ printing articles on any/all of those of this group:Ruelas, Matsuda, Al Jabbar, Jose F. Moreno, Anne Marie Trejo, J. Paolo Magcalas, Lorena Moreno(Principal at Dale Jr. High) and Manuel Colon and any others that associate themselves with this group. We need your help. Alert anyone that you can that can help us save Anaheim. Contact KFI too?

        Voters speak with your votes.

  4. Anaheim Blog: and all readers Please leave no stone unturned on this group expose this terrible group on any and all levels. Keep the heat on and educate the voters in Anaheim.

  5. Anaheim Blog/readers: Keep the heat on this group. Educate the voters in Anaheim. We need to get these people out of office.

  6. I know Matt Cunningham and many others dislike teacher unions in general, but I would ask everyone to have an open mind and perhaps offer advice for the vast majority of teachers in AUHSD. I have retired now but still stay involved in AUHSD. I can tell you that most teachers are not political, they love their mission and in general appreciate the pay and benefits that collective bargaining has been able to negotiate.
    However this crazy communist named Mike Matsuda is the biggest bs artist I have ever seen. Just like the dictators that Mr. Lara idolizes , Matsuda continues to ruin the district with his reign of terror – while hiding behind Tait’s kindness theme. The rank and file have nowhere to go. If they speak out they will be punished. If the turn to ASTA they will be hung to dry because it’s controled by Ryan Rueles who as you documented is part of the problem.

    • Matthew Cunningham


      True, I am not a fan of teachers unions – but I agree with your characterization of the great majority of teachers as non-political individuals who love their jobs, love educating children and want to do their best in that regard.

      Other AUHSD teachers have voiced similar opinions about Matsuda in the comments section. My advice is to contact me directly at Any information you and other AUHSD staff can provide, and directions in which you can point me, will be helpful. I promise all communications and identities will be kept confidential.

  7. Thank God, our son has grown. This article is not only disturbing but pathetic and should piss off Americans to the point of not allowing such an appointment or change.

    Back when we moved to the City of Anaheim, we had no idea the socialist and communist sympathizers were permeating Anaheim’s school district, or it’s City Council. Its dangerous enough to have them in labor unions but now our political leadership down to schools, programming YOUR youth? God help us.

    You people have been sitting on the butts enjoying America’s Constitutional gifts life way too long. Entitlement thought is not only tied to liberals and Democrats. Before YOU know it, you all will willfully give our countries leadership away to socialists and communists, then wonder why your children hate you and taking charge of our country.

    It’s happening here. This article, recent resort labor union activities, and the sickening decisions by our city council prove its happening. How is it you don’t know since World War II, millions of hard-working, good American men and women have been dying around the world to keep those two ugly groups at bay and away from American soil. YOU all never saw the ugly behind the Berlin Wall and apparently don’t know what political group was responsible.

  8. Stop Having Babies!

    This group is self inflicting poverty by giving birth to more children then they can afford to take care of. Stop having babies so fast!

  9. Concerned Pico Rivera Resident

    Please read the article published by the Cerritos News on Lara and his communist and anti-American ideology. His communist group Union del Barrio has harassed the Pico Rivera community and invaded their schools. Lars has abused his position as Board member to bring his “comrades” into the school system. The leader of Association of Raza Educators (A.R.E,), a branch of Union del Barrio,
    Lupe Carrasco-Cardona was fired from El Rancho School District for indoctrinating students and parents. Lara and his militant group went on a rampage harassing staff, Board members, and the entire Pico Rivera Community. Unfortunately they are a toxic and poisonous group that have cells throughout California and hide behind the Ethnic Studies label. Contact teachers and Board members in Pico Rivera to know the truth about the chairs Lara had caused. He is an embarrassment to our educational system. He recruited one of his colleagues, Gabriel Orosco, and got him elected to the El Rancho School Board. They have bullied teachers, their fellow Board members, and tried to hire as many militant teachers as possible. This group must be stopped for our kids, comminities, and country’s sake.

    • I found the article and agree. Reminds me of communist lead activities in Central America. It’s disturbing that radical nut jobs are allowed into our school system much less hire radical teachers, bully folks and spew hate, lies, and distortion. It’s time for Law enforcement and or 3-LTR agencies to look into their activities if not already.

      • Pico Rivera Community member

        Yes, that is the article. Thanks to Mr. Brian Hewes with Cerritos News, Lara was exposed and the Pico Rivera community is uniting to stop his re-election to the School Board. Anyone who looks up to Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and other merderers has no place in schools. He will try to hire as many radical teachers as he can. They are infiltrating Orange County, Santa María, Santa Bárbara, Sacramento, etc. They are anti-military, anti-American, anti-God, and live to push their racist and hateful agendas. The lives of children are at stake…they have already impacted the Pico Rivera community in a big way and are now infiltrating your district.

    • Thanks Concerned Citizen, another writer who does not know the meaning of ATTRIBUTION.
      Brian Hews, Publisher, Cerritos News

  10. Brain Hews, Publisher, Cerritos News, we couldn’t care less about your self aggrandizing posts. The content of Cunningham’s post is the point here, not your wanting to be acknowledged. Your point, though, has been made.

    Matt’s post should be required reading for every parent with a child in AUHSD. This is scary stuff indeed.

    • 92805er. Thanks for shooting the messenger. I will refrain from persona attacks…I took many hours to research the story. Obviously you are not a journalist. If you read a newspaper you would see what is called attribution, MC should have wrote, “as first exposed by Cerritos News Jose Lara…..” it is professional courtesy since I found the guy and wrote about it first….but he is a blogger not a print newspaper journalist.

  11. Thank you MC for publishing this expose and bringing it to the attention of Anaheim voters. Please keep it up as it looks like there are many voters/citizens/residents that care about Anaheim’s future.

    Please leave leave not stone unturned, the voters in Anaheim need to clearly see who they are voting for and what each candidate stands for. Very important, and attention getting writing. Your dialogue stirring writing may be your most important ever as we are at a dangerous crossroads. We all need to save and take back Anaheim.

  12. My Heart is Anaheim: I agree. “Our children’s future is in danger in the hands of Ruelas, Matsuda, Al Jabbar, Jose F. Moreno, Anne Marie Trejo, J. Paolo Magcalas, Lorena Moreno(Principal at Dale Jr. High) and Manuel Colon just to name a few!” All of Anaheim is in danger though.

  13. Invitation from Candidate Aitken: ?Please join me this Sunday at the home of Trustee Al Jabbar to discuss our Anaheim. Thank you Al Jabbar and Samee Nabeel Alkamalee for opening up your home.?

  14. from candidate for mayor Aitken:”Please join me this Sunday at the home of Trustee Al Jabbar to discuss our Anaheim. Thank you Al Jabbar and Samee Nabeel Alkamalee for opening up your home.

  15. Brian Hews, Matt is right – I read both your piece and his. Matt wrote his OWN tiresome red-baiting screed. It didn’t steal from YOUR tiresome red-baiting screed at all.

    • Does the P stand for Prick?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Vern, really? You think it is “red-baiting” to point out that Jose Lara – the new assistant principal at Dale Junior High – the Number 2 to Principal Lorena Moreno – thinks murderous revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh are positive role models for anyone – let alone our youth?

      Do you condone his views?

      Yet there Lara is – at Jose Moreno’s campaign kick-off – getting recognition from Moreno and hearty applause from the assembled lefties. Do you really think they are unaware of Lara’s radicalism? That they don’t share it?

      It’s mind-boggling – how high does the Communist body count have to reach before fools like Jose Lara – and those who hire him – wake up from their progressive dreamworld and enter reality?

  16. Be careful guys. The president of UTLA, Alex Caputo Pearl has been helping Mr. Lara to get away with assaulting and harassing women. Alex Caputo Pearl has been helping Jose Lara for reasons that no one understand in LAUSD. Even though Mr. Lara is no longer an LAUSD employee, Alex Caputo Pearl still has Jose Lara as one of the area chairs in his website:
    Mr. Caputo Pearl obviously thinks that the teachers at LAUSD are a bunch of idiots and his insistence in including Mr. Lara demonstrates it. What he’s doing is so illegal! Here is a picture of Mr. Lara at LAUSD negotiations even though he is no longer an employee there:
    Caputo Pearl has created this monster, he too needs to be investigated as to why he would engage in deceit with Mr. Lara. Clearly, all these people think that they’re smarter than the rest of us and that what they do will never catch up to them. One immediate action any parent can take is to contact the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing:
    Also contact local authorities to create a paper work trail.

  17. Around 2010, the former LAUSD Superintendent, John Deasy, allowed Alex Caputo Pearl and Jose Lara to have approximately 43 days of release time from their classroom to campaign and oust Warren Fletcher, who was president of UTLA at the time. Mr. Fletcher was obviously not going along with the program after being elected as UTLA president. There were a handful of other teachers who were also given release time to campaign/harass teachers at school and at their home to vote for Alex Caputo Pearl and get rid of Fletcher. The campaign/harassment was not limited to using contact lists (phone number + address) to intimidate teachers via telephone, vandalize their vehicles at school whenever possible, vandalizing homes, and in some instances physical assault, as well as sexual. LAUSD teachers have spoken out and under the newer superintendents with the help of Caputo Pearl, the LAUSD approach has been to write those teachers up for bogus charges to make them look incompetent, or if they left the district, to legally prevent them from speaking out in a variety of ways – use your imagination! Get ready of Jose Lara, do whatever you have to do before your school district is also turned upside down!

  18. Advocate fir chikdten

    Anaheim community pkease wake up!!!! Jose Lara and his militant organization Union Del Barrio are a communist group who hate America, hate the military, hate law enforcement, and seek to indoctrinate students. Lara is one of the main leaders of the group and had caused chaos wherever he goes. Do your homework, visit the Union Del Barrio web page. They have declared war on the U.S. and Israel. There actions are no joke. Their main goal is to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate children. I worked in LAUSD and saw their criminal tactics when they were opposed. The Association of Raza Educators (A.R.E.) is part of their organization and many of their “comrades” are in our schools. In LAUSD it is public knowledge that Lara was accused of sexual harassment/rape and the union covered for him. That is the reason he could not promote there. Another reason is because of his militant, Anti-American agenda and his bullying of all those who oppose him. He is a terrorist and should not be allowed anywhere in our schools. Take action before he does to your district what he has done to LAUSD. He is also a Board member in Pico Rivera terrorizing their community. Read the recent article from the Cerritos News. This article had circulated throughout the nation. Take action before it’s too late and he brings in his radical comrades.

  19. A small group of parents has started a blog to ask elected officials that they hold these “teachers” accountable. Please support us in our efforts to weed out these horrendous people out of our children’s classrooms. Enough is enough! This is our blog:

  20. LAUSD Parent: Thank you and together we are stronger

  21. Jose Lara was endorsed by the LA County Green party for re-election for El Rancho School Board. The official endorsement was done on October 19, 2018 and at that time, some of us contacted the Green party to let them know what’s going on. Mr. Lara is very good at playing victim, so we need more parents to get in touch with the Green party to tell about their experiences of harassment and bullying from Mr. Lara. That way they understand that it’s not just a few people with bad experiences. Please spread the word, or get in touch with the LA County Green Party through facebook.

  22. Judithanne Gollette

    JOSE LARA RESIGNS FROM ERUSD BOARD. To first clarify my connection, I am a concerned Anaheim resident actively involved in grassroots political actions and am an Education Specialist in the El Rancho Unified School District. So, I am taking this opportunity to warn Anaheim of his actions. I am speaking from my heart and am expressing the truth, as I have researched or been notified.

    As of January 21st, 2020 El Rancho Unified School Board meeting, Jose Lara stated that he was resigning as of Feb. 4th meeting. He cited his son’s health and a need to take care of his family, as a priority. But, is this the truth with his RECALL UPCOMING with an investigation by LACOE regarding my understanding of campaign financing along with budget/bond infractions?

    With the rest of my remarks, I want to first pray for his family. Having said that, I pray that he will finally take care of his family rather than have his political beliefs taking precedence.

    How can I say this? Do I have first-hand knowledge? Well, I was invited into his home in PR to discuss our Adult Transition Program to which he seemed involved during our discussion. While we spoke, his boys ran in and about with his daughter was receiving respite care. Before I left, I asked one important question, “Why are you putting so much emphasis and energy into ethnic studies, when you can make a difference in special education?” His response haunts me to this day. He thought for a minute and then replied, “You know, I’ve thought about it, but maybe someday.” This was his child being taken care of by an outside the family individual being educated in a program that is broken. Linda Darling-Hammond, appointed by CA Gov. Newsom states that “Special education is broken.” And, then as I am fighting to improve our district’s services, he’s thinking about maybe in the future.

    Last year, as board president, Lara leading a 3-2 majority vote history, many important events occurred. Most recently after 6 Superintendents have been replaced within 5 years, removal of 6 many long-standing beloved principals, demolition of ERHS classrooms with future demolition imminent and no approvals by city or state officials to move forward, LACOE investigation in progress concerning bond monies and campaign fraud, 52 new teachers with 21 intern contracts, RECALL of Jose Lara and Leann Iberra certified, and most recently CBO Rojas has been placed on Administrative leave due to refusing to follow the illegal and financial wrongs mandated by board majority. Not having first-hand hard copy knowledge, I was informed that he was asked to skip phase two of the rebuild plan and move to the demolition of additional buildings on the high school campus. These are only a very few incidents with many long-time teachers and staff members that left last year taking jobs at neighboring districts even after being employed at ERUSD for 20+ years and ERHS alumni. (Note**all numbers are approximate)

    Lara led the demolition of two of our newest two-story buildings housing science labs moving teachers to ill-equipped classrooms without meeting teachers’ needs. There were no plans or timelines to rebuild, no CUPs filed or approved by city officials, no state approval, and no support to do so by school staff and teachers. We were told the demolition would take place during spring break 2019 while students were away from campus after we raised the concern of asbestos. The demolition was not completed until after students were back on campus to watch and record this event. Sadly, they also posted photos of waste. Instead of asking staff if any of the classroom equipment/supplies were needed by other teachers, all student and teacher’s desks, filing cabinets, etc. were piled high (two-story level) to be sold as disregards. We found out later that the board included these items in the contract with the demolition company. I know that I could have used a whiteboard, 28 functioning desks, and others that needed file cabinets, but instead, these items were being sold as salvage.

    Lara has brought into our district’s damming political and social point of view. This article sheds light on his beliefs. I have witnessed him standing for the Pledge of Allegiance but with the refusal to place his hand over his heart. After each pledge, he proceeds to display the Sign of the Cross and ends by kissing his thumb. He brought his family into PR nine/ten years ago and immediately changed the course of curriculum that teachers had suggested for Ethnic Studies. He definitely had his own agenda!

    His demeanor during the ERUSD board meetings has been one of disdain and incivility. He smirks and looks down his nose at those that stayed to add their concerns and comments sometimes after 9:30 PM. This included students on school nights. All of this is going to change, but his damage to our district has been started. It will be up to our community to STOP Gabriel Orozco and Leann Iberra who have been part of Lara’s 3-2 majority vote team. It is my opinion, that we need to continue to lead the path to a victory of the recall. Orozco was not included as his position is up for reelection Nov. 2020. Ibarra was placed as their puppet not realizing that she would end up as their escape. During her election, she received a donation from a private company and then as her first action, proceeded to award this company with a large contract. Danny Fierro’s @presidiocomms was awarded a $40K contract in return for his contributions to HLPUSD board members. At ERUSD, Presidio received a $96K contract for contributing to Leanne Ibarra’s campaign. #TheProblemWithPresidio. I wonder what other districts have been involved in.

    One last concern and I am not sure where this will lead Anaheim and Pico Rivera’s ERUSD is Presidio. According to its website, Presidio Strategic Communications is Anaheim-based, located on Harbor Blvd. It states “Presidio offers services across the public relations, marketing, and public affairs fields. We help private-sector companies, public agencies, political candidates, and advocacy groups achieve their strategic communications goals.” According to AUHSD’s website search for ‘Presidio public relations firm, I received 71 entries. Another strong connection that needs community concerns as I know that Presidio has its hands actively involved in ERUSD at the direction of Lara, Orozco, and Iberra and definitely at the objection of the community.

    I am not here to disrespect anyone, but I am vocal to relate the facts as seen through the eyes of an individual witnessing the actions of certain pov have entered our schools and am issuing a notice to parents to become involved. Ask your child what they are learning and if it does not seem right, then say something Options: Anaheim Blog reporter Matt Cunningham directly at, Los Cerritos News reporter, @bradleybermont, and the many other suggested contacts given throughout this article and remarks. If you do not feel comfortable speaking out in your district, then use these options.
    Thank you for allowing me to shed my insights and concerns. I believe we have house cleaning in Pico Rivera and in Anaheim school leadership.

  23. Do not vote to pay more in property tax. The Anaheim school funding is not used properly now. Our school scores prove it. We don’t need to give more money, rather let us scrutinize how the current amount of money is being spent. Recall Matsuda and his entire group, including but certainly not limited to, the Moreno’s.

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