If OCEA Union Endorses Aitken, Why Is It Urging Republicans To Support Ward?

The powerful Orange County Employees Association – which represents 16,000 county employees and Anaheim city workers – has endorsed Ashleigh Aitken, a liberal Democrat, for Mayor of Anaheim.

So why is this left-wing government employees union spending tens of thousands of dollars on mail attacking GOP front-runner and former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu and urging Republican voters to support gadfly Cynthia Ward?:

Simple: because each Republican vote for Ward puts Aitken one vote closer to being elected mayor.

There’s no mystery to the OCEA’s strategy: elect Aitken by splitting the Republican vote. Ward has raised little money and has no independent ability to communicate with Anaheim voters. She is dependent on the resources on the public employee union representing Anaheim city employees to inform voters about her candidacy. Even then, she can only play the roll of Republican spoiler who can tilt the mayoral election to a Democrat.

The irony is leaps out: Ward has long painted councilmembers who benefited from independent expenditures from Disney or the public safety associations as therefore being in their pockets. By her own logic, Ward is being “bought” by the OCEA. She certainly hasn’t repudiated their support or made any public comment at all about it.

The OCEA wants Ashleigh Aitken to be the next Mayor of Anaheim – and the union wouldn’t be urging Republicans to vote for Ward unless it helped them achieve that goal.


  1. Stand For Anaheim

    DUH! The answer is simple….Hit Harry, promote Ward and Aitken prevails. Sad that they are playing games. Jennifer Beuthin and Nick Bernardino are snakes and can never be trusted. Wish Ward knew she was a pawn and the Tait faction who she tries so desperately to impress don’t care about her. Or, maybe she knows and does not care. Regardless…this who game is pathetic. Wish the residents of Anaheim understood this crap.


      Ward cannot be that much of a Moron. She knows she cannot win for Mayor. She’s playing right into it to try and keep Sidhu out. Ward and Aitken are both anti business, pro-homeless in our parks and pro-needle exchange program. They have orchestrated this political move. Ward may say she’s republican but far from a republican.
      Vote Harry Sidhu for Mayor.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      I don’t think they care. There’s a certain faction within the OC GOP that would rather hand power to Democrats than support a Republican who doesn’t meet all their litmus tests. They’d rather be “right” than win. Hence, we lose. They remind me of the dwarves at the end of C.S. Lewis’ “The Last Battle.”

      • Why hasn’t anyone familiar with that GOP faction came forward with the names of those Republicans? I sure would like to know who they are and not exaggerating when saying I am not alone.

      • Why hasn’t anyone familiar with that GOP faction came forward with the names of those Republicans? I sure would like to know who they are and not exaggerating when saying I am not alone.

  2. I wish people on this discredited blog knew the real facts. Cynthia Ward is not anti-business, not pro-homeless and just because she did not answer Matts question about the needle exchange program does not make her pro-needle exchange. She has stated many times at mayoral forums that she does not support the needle exchange program. The only candidate that is deceiving the voters is DIRTY HARRY. Look at his past record, the voters of Anaheim are tired of his crap. When Cynthia Wards wins I hope all of you including Matt Cunningham will have the decency to apologize for all of the mistruths that are spreading.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      What mistruths?

      Cynthia Ward has built an extensive public written record of her continually evolving political positions over the years. She’s a candidate and those positions are fair game. I didn’t accuse her of supporting a needle exchange program. I gave her the opportunity to respond to very straightforward questions about the OC Needle Exchange program – the exact same questions that were sent to several other candidates. I posted those responses en toto. I reported that Cynthia chose not to respond – nothing more.

  3. Cynthia Ward will sink to any low blow to achieve her political goals.. She’s in business with the Greg Diamond who attacks Ed Royce and all Republicans, he’s so vile the DPOC threw them out, she and Diamond sued the Angels and the city multiple times losing on all counts and costing both a great deal of money in legal fees. She also teamed up with felon Jason Young who was convicted for Identity Theft. They went after people they didn’t like by attacking families with their defunct blog Save Anaheim. There is no ground too low for her … It’s a joke that anyone would take her seriously for Mayor. It is not surprising that she’s in bed with OCEA to attack the only genuine Republican in this race. Even Tait hasn’t endorsed her despite her idolatry of him for 8 years. Don’t fall for it – Ward is the biggest scam in Anaheim. Final point, the IRS shut down her CATER group for not paying taxes – so much for transparency. Ward is a fraud and a scam artist. She owes every contributor to CATER a refund! This can all be verified in public record. A vote for Ward is a vote for Aitken.

  4. What makes Cynthia Ward qualified? She is put in the race and being promoted with the purpose to take votes away from Sidhu.

    No candidate is perfect but some are better than others. We must look at the whole picture when choosing. That means looking on social media and going back and looking at the comments and those making the comments. Who are the candidates friends with on Facebook?

    Jose Moreno has a commenter who suggested to him, “Let’s do away with gang injunctions in Anaheim.”

    Jose Moreno has the power to remove the comment but he did not. It must not bother him because he left it up.

    Check out his friends and you will see who is who. Same with the whole group, look at each of their friend groups/comments. They campaign together, Moreno, Ruelas, Alvarez, Jabbar and yes Ashleigh Aitken. You will see Debbie Schroeder, Mike Matsuda etc.

    The choice may be who do you trust? Who do you know has ruined Anaheim? Do you believe how they do? Are you happy with the state of Anaheim? Are our kids getting properly educated? Do you feel safe in Anaheim. Do you want Anaheim to be a sanctuary city? Do you want leaders that would even think of repealing the gang injunctions in Anaheim? Do you want homeless in our parks? Do you want needles littering our streets.

    The answers are an easy NO.
    We need new leaders and we need to make a change. We may have to vote for someone who is not perfect in our eyes BUT they will certainly be better as ANAHEIM CAN NOT GET MUCH WORSE.

    Vote Sidhu
    Vote Caldwell


    Talk to your neighbors Anaheim- a lot is at stake.

  5. Brad123: Why are you bothering to comment on this blog as you deem it not credible. I find it credible. Keep commenting Anaheim Blog – Expose all. Just the truth, nothing but.

  6. To Disney and Angels: Help drive the snakes out of Anaheim. Invest all possible in our city’s election and help change Anaheim.

  7. Did Ward ever report the free legal work Diamond gave her on her form 700? She should have. Our city deserves better.

  8. Amy Jones-Richter

    Ryan Ruelas is asking for a second term. His offering as evidence that he’s been a successful Trustee on Ansheim Elementary’s School Board a mediocre dual-language immersion program moving into different schools without evidence that it works is not an accomplishment but rather a hoax. How many families withdraw each year? Ryan Ruelas was also leading the pack against the Palm Lane parents and spending hundreds of thousands to strip parents of their right to better schools. Moreno’s disciple is a phony politician out to increase his chances to one day run for higher office. He doesn’t deserve to sit on this school board no more than he deserves to call himself a teacher when all he does is brainwash boys so they push forth his socialist crap. VOTE NO on RUELAS!!! Throw the bum out.

  9. Stop electing Democrats to anything.
    Almost 4 decades of Democrat Socialist Progressive ideology has turned our Golden State into a golden sh!thole.
    It’s time for change… Never Too late.!
    We can turn this ship around.

  10. Hey can somebody get a hold of Vern Nelson?

    If so warn him there is a DUI checkpoint tonight at Ball and East.

    Since he should not be driving, let alone drinking, he could be in trouble (Tom and Julie are in Laguna bashing gays with Howard A. So bail will be tough).

    Warn Vern please, #6 will land him in Chino!

  11. Nope. Al Jabbar now we know what not to do. Check out his Facebook you will all see who he is and who he associates with. Go on each of their social media sites. The are all intertwined and we do not need any of them.

    What a joke. Josh Newman? Vote for these unqualified bunch of Socialist Berniecrats in Democrats clothing. Why not be loud and proud. Social media will out you.

    Josh Newman is with Jose F. Moreno and 3 others.
    October 18 at 1:48 PM

    Very proud to be supporting Jose F. Moreno, Al Jabbar, and Ryan Anthony Ruelas in their campaigns to continue so ably representing their constituents at every l…
    See MoreAl Jabbar
    20 hrs ·

    Vote NO on 6!
    Really Al Jabbar? Did your group not already tax us with the promise to do the roads? This proposition also means your ilk will not be able to divert funds again without us voting on it.
    You all talk about a living wage yet you want those struggling to have to pay more at the pump resulting in paying 600.00 more on average per house per year?
    Why not forgo those Union dues as well? Who are you all? Really.


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