Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s Accreditation Renewed By Unanimous Vote Of International Body

Photo courtesy of Steven Georges/Behind the Badge

From Behind the Badge:

Anaheim Fire & Rescue is known as a leader among fire agencies.

The department has a reputation for innovation, excellence, and serving a dynamic community.

AF&R officials earned that prestige by constantly examining their resources, strategies, and efficiency to keep the department at its best to serve citizens – and being accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International just proves the department’s dedication to remaining a first-rate agency.

“I think Anaheim is a great department going into this process and I think this is just something that makes us that much better,” Division Chief Alan Long said.

Former Anaheim Fire Chief Randy Bruegman
Photo courtesy of Steven Georges/Behind the Badge

Getting accredited in 2014 was a long and grueling process involving deep dives into every single aspect of the agency, set in motion by former Chief Randy Bruegman more than eight years ago. The results of Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s analysis then were dissected and examined by officials from around the nation whose job was to uncover weak spots in Anaheim’s methods.

In the end, Anaheim Fire & Rescue received the prize: accreditation.

But AF&R officials didn’t get to relax once they achieved the goal. The commission requires agencies to reapply every five years to maintain accreditation.

In March, Anaheim Fire & Rescue did just that, for the first time.

The department’s top brass and team leader/City of Fairfax Fire Chief John O’Neal of Virginia sat before a 12-person international panel to request re-accreditation on March 12.

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  1. David Michael Klawe

    Two years ago, last February, Anaheim F&R saved my life. They came to my home after my wife called 911. They quickly got me to the West Anaheim Medical ER. Basically my body shut down, and all organs failed. If I arrived at the ER even 5 minutes later, I wouldn’t be typing this message, as I would have died..I ended up in a coma, and after coming out of it, I have been progressing nicely.

    Proud to say I participated in the Angels 5K last Saturday. 3,522 people participated, and I came in 3,522 with a time of 1 hour and 47 minutes. But I finished, and without the AF&R’s Paramedics, I couldn’t say that. So a very big thank you to AF&D, and of course West Anaheim Medical ER staff.

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