Mayor Sidhu: Fast-Track West Anaheim Revitalization Project

I am excited to announce long-awaited economic development plans for West Anaheim!

The time has come to move development forward. At our June 18 City Council meeting, I will direct staff to agendize the necessary approvals to move forward in order to have plans before the Council by our July 30 meeting.

When I campaigned for Mayor, too many West Anaheim residents told me they felt like their community was ignored by City Hall. The new Beach Blvd. Specific Plan was welcomed, but the long vacant site at Beach Blvd and Lincoln Avenue has become symbolic of the lack of action to address the quality of life for West Anaheim neighborhoods.

I made a promise to residents of West Anaheim that I would take decisive action if elected Mayor.

As Mayor I have now worked with the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and our City management and economic development team to explore all economic development opportunities that meet the vision West Anaheim residents have for that site.

Yesterday, I met with nearly a dozen West Anaheim community leaders, including representatives of Anaheim First’s Advisory Council in Districts 1 and 2, leaders from WAND, and those active in the formation of the Beach Blvd. Specific Plan, to update them on my plan to fulfill this promise.

I shared a comprehensive plan, to build a high-end development with a range of outstanding dining options, retail, market, and community spaces at the site, along with for-sale townhomes and rental workforce housing at the Beach and Lincoln site – as well as land that will be developed across Lincoln and down the east side of Beach Blvd. This plan will also maximize our chances for a high-quality grocery market with measures to ensure we are successful.

There will be no more empty talk about neighborhood development in West Anaheim. Instead we will start investing in West Anaheim!


  1. Finally!
    We are so excited for this project!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!
    It’s going to bring growth and a future for our district, with a domino effect to follow down Beach blvd. There will be housing and an upscale market, a fun brewery, stage and plenty of room for community pop up boutiques, events, youth center activities and sports, shopping and food. A clean, safe, beautiful place for the community!
    Thank you Mayor Sidhu!!!!
    District 1 is on way! We are very supportive!

  2. I wonder why the city needs to be involved with building a new shopping center. It is also too far from Disneyland Resort and close to Stanton and Buena Park. The area has way too many shops and restaurants. I wonder if this can survive in the long run. Beach and Lincoln is just a few blocks away from Knott’s. How could it be considered a blighted area? This area couldn’t support Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in any case. This will compete with Buena Park Mall another block away.

  3. Sidhu is full of shit. He never once said anything in his campaign about West Anaheim or this project because he would not get votes from these neighborhoods. Another meeting with the chamber of commerce represented and Anaheim First the chambers fake neighborhood group that continues to claim it is not political. Where was the councilwomen from District 1? Why was she not invited to this meeting? What’s Sidhu trying to hide this time. What is the chamber going to get out of this project another 400k to do what city staff should be doing so Sidhu can pay the chamber back for all of its contributions to his campaign.

    • Enough with the Paranoia

      Dear Brad Anaheim, I’m a resident of West Anaheim and Candidate Sidhu most definitely speak on West Anaheim concerns pre-election, I know that because he spoke out in various community gatherings, perhaps you should have considered attending? Oh, and have you checked the registrar of voter records to see how many residents from each district did vote for him? If you have serious points to make, please try doing that. No doubt you’ve read Anaheim’s City Charter and therefore you must know our mayors are actually elected to represent the entire City. Perhaps working directly to update community leaders rather than going through a single council person who openly accused him of racism because he disagrees with her preferred policy is actually a good way to make sure all residents are represented? If our councilwoman were actually concerned with representing her district she might actually show up at neighborhood meetings that she is invited to herself. But you go ahead & ask why she didn’t get invited to a community session from the Mayor, I’ll go ahead & be grateful to those in the community more interested in improving it rather than who gets credit. Oh, by the way, some of the Anaheim First non-profit members recently came to our WAND meeting. They seemed real enough to me. Too bad our councilwoman didn’t bother to attend yet another WAND meeting. We all might benefit if she tried to get to know the people in her district, you know, so she could represent us. That’s ok though, thankfully some of my very real neighbors on Anaheim First seem interested enough in finding solutions and working together, despite our councilwoman’s husband and staff who tried to monopolize the discussion, insert paranoia and demonize them. Just more reason our Mayor is right to find ways to hear residents of Anaheim directly so multiple viewpoints can be weighed. Every Anaheim Mayor has and should retain that right, as our previous Mayors did.

      • West anaheim resident

        Thank you! Well said!

        District 1 finally has a mayor willing to work with everyone to make things happen for a unfairly neglected area. Mayor Sidhu has done more than the last mayor in a very short period of time.
        We are grateful we are working together to make things happen. Finding solutions to improve district 1 is their only goal. Thank you.

  4. West anaheim resident

    Thank you! Well said!

    District 1 finally has a mayor willing to work with everyone to make things happen for a unfairly neglected area. Mayor Sidhu has done more than the last mayor in a very short period of time.
    We are grateful we are working together to make things happen. Finding solutions to improve district 1 is their only goal. Thank you.

  5. I did look at the registrar of voter records and it looks like his support was only in the precincts that have STR’S, which he just gave another extension to for their campaign contributions to his campaign. He lost almost every precincts in West Anaheim. I did not state that he had to include every council member but should have included the elected council member where the project is located. Oh, wait I forgot she is not one of the paid puppets, like him. Now it makes sense. You state that the people from Anaheim First were real, I agree REAL LAIRS. They stated that they are not political, another lie. Each of them was at VIP seats at the State of The City, Sidhu’s victory party in November and close ties to the chamber of commerce. If Sidhu really wanted to hear the thoughts of West Anaheim, why not show up to the Wand meeting? He only listens to those whom he profits from!!

    • West anaheim resident


      The correct spelling is “li-ar”.

      But your whole post was incorrect.
      There is a huge difference between wanting to get things done and actually doing it.

  6. Denise Barnes welcomes the support of our Mayor as well as Jordan Brandman, neither of who showed ANY concern for west Anaheim during their former stints on the Council. Years of preparation and remediation has been done on this very difficult site so it is disingenuous to give credit to any one person as that disparages all of the hard work of various past groups as well as city staff. The Planning Commission also recently approved zoning changes that were needed so developers would know exactly what could or couldn’t be built.. hopefully this will proceed, it’s about time

    • Enough with the Paranoia

      Considering at the WAND meeting last month you were snickering with Jeanine Robbins and Mark Daniels about Mayor Sidhu and his efforts to open an emergency shelter for the homeless last January, I hardly think you’re in a position to opine about welcoming support or working together. As a resident, I would hope for better…especially from someone who supposedly represents my District on the Planning Commission. Instead, you’re doing an excellent job driving wedges. I haven’t heard you call the Mayor a racist as our Councilwoman did, but you seem mighty willing to point a finger rather than extending a hand. How about you set your own prejudice (political or otherwise) aside and help build a better Anaheim rather than worry about who gets credit for it?

    • John, you wrote on Facebook a couple months ago that “everything in District 1 should come through Denise Barnes.” Sorry, sir, she’s our councilmember (though only 25% of voters supported her), she’s not our queen. If we did have a queen, I’d prefer one with a brain in her head.

  7. And our current mayor won the election by 484 votes, so he got less than 25% support. He, not our KING as he tries to be!!

  8. I thought the illustration at the top of this article was originally meant for the corner of Beach and Ball.

    • David Michael Klawe

      No, it was always “Stinkin’ Lincoln”, otherwise known as Westgate, and now 39 Commons.

      The former Landfill at the North East corner of Beach and Lincoln.

  9. Mark Richard Daniels

    Denise Barnes is our council member and I know that because I ran against her in 2016, and this is very much her District there are those that would like to hijack much of her ideas or anything that she’s involved in much what they do with Councilman Dr.Jose Moreno and then give them NO credit or cut them out of the equation altogether…

    • Um, what ideas has Denise come up with? She hasn’t done anything to move Westgate forward.
      She was not involved when she was just a resident and hasn’t been in the trenches fighting with WAND.
      She has not represented District 1 very well and that’s on HER. She’s been too busy siding with Tait then Moreno and calling her colleagues racist.
      If you thought she was such a great candidate, why’d you run against her?

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