Karina’s Backpack Project To Give Away 5,000 Backpacks At Angel Stadium On August 4

On August 4th, 2019 from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Angel Stadium will proudly host Karina’s Backpack Project. Fueled by Karina’s passion to create community connection, the event will provide low income families with elementary and middle school student supplies, resources and services for a successful school year.

Karina’s Backpack Project will give 5,000 elementary and middle school students in need backpacks with school supplies, free haircuts, and groceries for the families — just in time for school to start. The event will also include carnival games and activities.

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu and other local leaders will be on hand to support this worthy cause.

Karina Tarsadia, a 14 year old Orange County native who has been immersed in the art of giving back from an early age has decided to follow her passion and start a movement to foster independence among youth.

A recent study by Huntington Bank has revealed that the back to school costs of school supplies and uniforms has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. Parents can expect to pay per child in elementary school for one school year $637.00, while middle school children costs are $941.00. The price of school supplies remains a challenge for low-income families, and for teachers who often purchase supplies for their classrooms. The goal of Karina’s Backpack Project is to ensure every child they work with is equipped with the essential basic tools for success, and to see this community event and outreach program grow annually to be able to support more of those in need.

The day of festivities at Angel Stadium will include backpack pick-up, haircuts, grocery distribution, as well as entertainment and performances for the whole family to enjoy. Are you interested in volunteering? Learn more and register HERE as a Volunteer. Are you interested in donating? Please visit our website to learn about ways to give: karinasbackpackproject.org.

“My wish is to contribute to the creation of communities that can make young people independent by equipping them with things they need to be a success,” says Karina.

WHEN:   Sunday, Aug. 4

WHERE: Angel Stadium of Anaheim
2000 E Gene Autry Way
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

More info: Karinasbackpackproject.org
Sign up to volunteer: https://bit.ly/3190w2N

About the Joy of Sharing Foundation:

“Come Together, Give Together”. The mission of the Joy of Sharing Foundation is to support the local community in Southern California by helping build bridges and providing services to address the local needs. Joy of Sharing provides services such as: Senior Services, Medical Clinic, Citizenship assistance, Health Insurance and Benefits, and Classes.


  1. So be sure that all the homeless camps in the area are cleared out around the stadium.we wouldnt want them to be seen in this photo opp for the mayor.

  2. Is parking free?

  3. Vanessa Henderson

    I think the intentions of this free backpacks and school supplies for low income residents is honorable, However, the fact the attendees are expected to pay $15 to attend the event seems to defeat the whole purpose of an event for low income students.

    • We have to pay to attend ? It was never stated on the flyer from school.

    • I just learned of this event, and it seems awesome. However, the article says that Karina’s organization works with low income families. Usually this means that the 5000 recipients are pre-selected. Those families most likely get free access. The event itself could be a great fundraiser and therefore, non-vetted attendees might have to pay $15 to attend as a way to raise funds.

  4. No one payed anything… It was tottaly free…i attrnded and got back packs!

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