The City of Anaheim published on its Facebook page a conceptual plan for a “re-imaging” of venerable La Palma Park, located on La Palma Avenue between Anaheim and Harbor boulevards in District 3.

Here’s the current state of La Palma Park (via Google Maps):

From the city’s Facebook page:

“After community meetings, we took into account much of the feedback we received and here’s what we came up with.

We look forward to building a park that is safe and beautiful, with the amenities the neighborhood needs.”

Other than Glover Field, La Palma Park is primarily a passive park. The re-imagining is primarily re-programming those passive spaces for active uses such as soccer fields, a sports arena and a splash pad.

Glover Field is not part of this renewal project., and will remain as is.

There were more than 130 comments and a lively discussion by residents, mostly positive.

Some residents asked how this re-do would impact the annual Cinco de Mayo festival. The city replied:

Other residents expressed concerns about preserved the mature trees in La Palma Park: