Anaheim First Launches Online Survey As Part Of Community Assessment

From Anaheim First:


Anaheim First launched an online survey and is hosting District Based Town Halls to engage residents citywide in the Anaheim Community Assessment

Anaheim First launched an online survey to hear from residents citywide for the Anaheim Community Assessment. The online survey will allow residents to share what neighborhood improvements matter most to them and their families in each City Council district.

Conducting the community assessment is PlaceWorks, a community planning firm that brings 44 years of experience across California designing plans and programs to materially improve quality of life — including Anaheim’s Beach Boulevard Specific Plan. PlaceWorks is working with Arellano Associates, a veteran community outreach firm, on the Anaheim Community Assessment.

“When I ran for Mayor, walking door to door talking with residents, what I heard most was a desire for City Hall to focus on neighborhoods,” Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu said. “That’s the mission and vision of this program — to put residents first, give them a voice in their community, and support them by investing $250 million in our neighborhoods over the next 10 years.”

The online survey will allow all residents to provide specific details on the type of investments they most want to see in their neighborhoods. The program directs residents to the l district where they reside, and crowd sources the feedback as people respond.  Everyone will be able to see the priorities of their neighbors as the information populates each district page.

The online survey can be accessed by clicking here.

PlaceWorks will also be facilitating a series of district-based town halls starting Aug. 28, 2019, through Oct. 2, 2019, where residents and members of the public may participate directly in the community assessment. For more information on the town halls, please visit

“I hope residents will take the online survey and join their neighbors for a town hall discussion on how to prioritize the investment of millions in new city funding in our community,” said AB (Abdulrahman) Gorashi, Anaheim First District 1 chairman.

Anaheim First is a 501(c)(3) grass-roots community organization whose mission is generating resident-driven solutions that positively transform our neighborhoods — led by neighbors in partnership with city officials, business, and community leaders.


  1. I have lived in the north 700 block Philadelphia St. for several decades. Most of the 100 year old curbing and sidewalks are deteriorated to the point where huge 3 to 4 foot chunks of curbing are missing with comminuted cracking and chunks of sidewalks also missing. WHEN IS THE CITY GOING TO HAVE THIS MORBID CONDITION REPAIRED! Thank you

    • David Michael Klawe

      Looks like you live in District 4, have you contacted your Councilperson, Lucile Kring?

      Here is her e-mail

    • I was frustrated with a large section of sidewalk missing near Ross Elementary. When I emailed the city, they had a crew out the very next day to install about 20 feet of sidewalk. Sometimes all you have to do is ask (nicely). I think we all wish that public works would drive around our neighborhoods looking for problems to fix but I don’t think that happens. As residents of underserved districts, I think we all need to speak up more to help our city serve us better and hopefully Anaheim First will be a good avenue for that.

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