From Anaheim Brewery:

Anaheim Brewery’s flagship beer, Anaheim 1888®, won a Gold medal at the first ever California Craft Brewers Cup (CCBC).

The competition is a partnership with the Brewers Guilds of California and the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) to recognize the best craft beers in the state of California. The competition had a total of 1,266 entries from 194 independent craft breweries.  Winning beers were determined by a panel of more than 80 expert judges.

Anaheim Brewery took home a Gold in the Historical Beer Category for its Anaheim 1888®, a lager based on the style of beer brewed at the original Anaheim Brewery in the late 1800s. Copper-colored, pleasantly hoppy, with a distinct caramel finish, Anaheim 1888® is the flagship brand for Anaheim Brewery.

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