Rash of Attacks By Mentally Ill Homeless Raise Public Safety Questions

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Rash Of Attacks Committed By Mentally Ill Homeless Raise Questions About Public Safety

by Joe Vargas

Is the increasing level of homelessness a significant public safety problem? The answer, in a nutshell, is both yes and no.

A number of recent encounters has generated a great deal of discussion and debate.

In Orange County, a high school cross-country runner recently was attacked by a homeless woman who tried to push him over a bridge onto the highway below. It was only through the efforts of his teammates that they were able to restrain the suspect until police arrived.

In San Francisco, a woman entering her condominium was attacked by a disturbed homeless man. She escaped with the help of a security guard. A judge released the suspect from jail the next day. Outraged, the woman tweeted the surveillance footage and demanded that local politicians do something about the problem.


Even pets aren’t safe. In Port Hueneme, a homeless person kicked a stranger’s small dog 15 feet into the air, causing significant injuries. The suspect was arrested after fighting with lifeguards and police officers:

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  1. Please read Steve Lopez’s article in today’s LA Times.
    Talk about a perfect mix of this discussion

  2. Everyone knows it’s more dangerous with mentally disturbed, drug addicted criminals, and add weapons to that, it’s a perfect storm.

    I’m pretty convinced that it will just get way worse until it ever gets better. And then the pendulum will swing back. But in the meantime, how much will it ruin our society, our trust, safety, health, and belief that we can trust politicians to stay ethical and just do what’s right?

    It’s a scary mess out here.

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