UNITE-HERE Local 11 has launched a campaign it calls “Honest Anaheim” as a vehicle to push its demands vis-a-vis the city’s negotiations with the Angels.

Among the militant hotel workers union’s demands: any Stadium deal must include a “labor peace” agreement, i.e. mandatory unionization. Also, if an agreement provides for the residential development on the stadium site, Local 11 wants 30%-40% of it to be low-income housing.

Local 11 put on a “town hall” last week at the Islamic Center of Orange County.  Judging by Facebook photos, the event was less town hall than a political strategy session consisting of Local 11 members and their activist allies:

  • Councilman Jose F. Moreno
  • Anaheim Union High School District trustee Al Jabbar (also deputy chief of staff to Supervisor Doug Chaffee and Moreno consigliere).
  • Anaheim Elementary School District (AESD) trustee and AUHSD ethnic studies evangelist J. Paolo Magcalas.
  • AESD Trustees and teachers union officer Juan Alvarez.
  • UNITE-HERE Local 11 organizers Austin Lynch and Ada Tamayo
  • Council gadflies like Mike and Jeannine Robbins, David Duran, Pat Davis and Kenneth Batiste.
  • Oscar Reyes – Ryan Ruelas protege, author-who-wasn’t-really-the-author of the “People’s Map” and now a teacher in the AESD.
  • AUSHD teacher, union activist and Moreno supporter Araceli Chavez.

Basically the same two dozen or so progressive political activists who form and reform under various rubrics. It’s equivalent to the city organizing a community meeting and the only people in attendance are city staff.

Clearly not a groundswell of support from regular residents.

Something to keep in mind if and when these “Honest Anaheim” members come to Anaheim City Council  meetings claiming to speak for “the people” and “our communities.