From Behind The Badge:

Officer Abdul Hailed As Hero At Anaheim PD Following Make-A-Wish Adventure

By Greg Hardesty

The little boy enthusiastically voiced his request from the back of the Anaheim PD patrol car.

“More crime. I want more crime.”

His sentiment was understandable.

Officer Abdul gets a high-five from Knott’s Berry Farm cast members after retrieving Linus’ security blanket. Abdul’s father, Mohammad, is on the right. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge.

After all, Abdul Abedi, 6, had just saved the day at Knott’s Berry Farm after bad guys had stolen Linus’ blanket.

Armed with Silly String, and helped by an Anaheim PD officer, Abdul successfully took down the hoodlums and reunited the “Peanuts” character with his beloved blanket.

Officer Abdul takes a bad guy into custody with Anaheim PD Sgt. Brennan Leininger at John’s Incredible Pizza in Buena Park. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge

Now he was ready for more action.

The police radio crackled to life.

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