Twice a month, Anaheim residents are treated to a one-man show of virtue-signalling, political gamesmanship and hypocrisy, courtesy by Councilman Jose F. Moreno.

Last week was no exception.

Take just one example: his sermon during council comments at the end of the meeting.  Moreno singled out representatives of the building and mobile home industries who spoke in opposition to his latest attempt to impose price controls on mobile home rents and a “just cause” evictions.

“The only people we heard speak out against mobile home park rental stabilization is from lobbyists who are paid and who make their money and their living supporting property owners to oppose these kind of efforts,” Moreno pontificated.

Nevermind these individuals – unlike Moreno – actually provide expertise in the economics of mobile homes; indeed, who understand – again, unlike Moreno – economics in general.

As has already been noted regarding his campaign finance proposal, in Moreno’s eyes a person is only a “paid lobbyist” when they oppose his policy proposals. Ada Briceno is the salaried co-president of UNITE-HERE Local 11. She is paid to advocate for policies that benefit her union. She is paid to elect candidates like Jose F. Moreno who will support policies that benefit her union. She frequently speaks at Anaheim City Council meeting and lobbies the city on behalf of her union. Candidly, Moreno would not be on the Anaheim City Council were it not for UNITE-HERE’s donations of money and manpower on his behalf – authorized by Ada Briceno, who is a paid lobbyist by Moreno’s own definition.

And yet, not only does Moreno not apply to Briceno his criticism of anti-rent control advocates, he actively carries water for her on the city council.  Nor did he apply it to the piad advocates from OCCORD and the Kennedy Commission who spoke at last week’s council meeting – because they were being paid to support his rent control proposals.

Is this the lack of self-awareness often evident in politicians who exhibit messianic tendencies? Or garden-variety hypocrisy. Maybe some of both.

One thing’s for sure: the public is in for a strong dose of hypocrisy, cynicism and double-standards tomorrow night when Moreno opines on his politically-motivated attempt to change Anaheim campaign finance laws in order to benefit his political ambitions and those of his campaign donors and allies.