Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva spoke at last week’s Anaheim City Council meeting and urged them to adopt Councilman Jose F. Moreno third attempt to impose rent control on Anaheim mobile home parks.

“It is our moral imperative to address this housing crisis as a crisis. And when we are in a crisis, like the fires we see, we run towards that. We run towards the issues that we see before us. Ignoring the homeless, and the crisis and the people in our mobile homes, has created exactly what we have in Orange County.”

Strong words. A bold call to action. Which begs the question of why didn’t Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva make any attempt to expand the new rent control law, AB 1482, to include mobile home parks?

For that matter, why hasn’t she gone to city council meetings in Fullerton – where she lives, and where her husband is the mayor – and use the same urgent language to exhort them to impose rent control on the Fullerton section of the Rancho La Paz mobile home park?

Or was last week’s appearance just political gamesmanship – her contribution to Councilman Moreno’s political theatrics?