Moreno to Anaheim Residents: Parks Are For The Homeless, Too

During council discussion following a staff update in homeless issues in Anaheim, District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno felt it necessary to “remind” Anaheim residents that the homeless have just as much right to use the parks, and warned they shouldn’t be alarmed by homeless people loitering in city parks:

So parents, next time to bring your kids to the park and homeless folks are encamped around the playground – remember what Councilman Moreno says.


  1. Remember everyone…. You cannot complain one bit about the homeless if you vote or support Moreno in any way. He wants the transients at our parks. He supports it.

    If you want your kids to have an education on how to shoot up or use meth, bring them to our parks. You wont see Moreno though.

    God help Anaheim, we dont have a chance with Jose Moreno.

  2. West Anaheim resident

    I am hoping everyone sees this.

    How anyone can not see how this ignorant fool made things worse for our area is beyond me.

    Yes, I feel sorry for those who request help, not for the service resistant drug addicts and criminals who live at our parks and drove away the families and kids who wanted to go there.

    Shame on Moreno for this.

    It’s just ignorance.

  3. Hobos or homeless, by definition, are migratory and not residents of a community. City parks were established by municipalities for the enjoyment of residents and their families. Every major city in the country has ordinances addressing loitering, vagrancy, illegal camping etc. Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles among other metropolitan areas have loosened enforcement of these laws, codes and ordinances to their determent. The taxpayers, once again, are being ignored by their representatives (this is a state wide issue) and allowing criminal activity to exist and flourish unchecked. It is sad that certain representatives are more concerned about individuals who are illegally living in an area or individuals who are not even in the area, then they are the taxpaying residents whom they swore to represent. What is the motivation behind punishing the hard working and prosperous at the behalf of the indigent? This trend, if left unchecked, will simply grow the population of the enabled indigent and reduce the population of the working taxpayer allowing the government then to step in and take over all aspects of said population. There is a term for that.

  4. Wait until the needles start showing up at Ms. Lillies soccer match. Jose and Lorena can explain this to the other parents.

    Oh and by the way, where is it written that “Housing is a Human right?”

  5. Anaheim Residents you all need to publish this on your social media – this is a travesty to the tax paying hard working folks in the flatlands !

  6. What is with the permit parking all over the “resort” area? The city does not address the issue of why the areas are over crowded they just charge the tax paying homeowners instead.

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