Living In Their Own Private Anaheim: Jeannine Robbins And The Heckler Brigade

Month after month, we see them at Anaheim City Council meetings, trooping to the dais to vent their spleens, heckling people with whom they disagree: Mike and Jeannine Robbins, the Donelsons, Wesley Jones, David Duran, etc. Each meeting it’s a variation on two themes: Jose Moreno and Denise Barnes are noble and pure, and the rest of the council (and any who support them) are evil and greedy.

They frequently take their cue from the political object of their adoration, Councilman Moreno. Lately, Moreno has been accusing Mayor Harry Sidhu of being “tyrannical” for securing adoption of additional rules for agendizing council items. Among other things, these address Moreno’s penchant for political posturing by repeatedly re-agendizing matters on which the council – wasting staff and the public’s time.

Leaving aside Moreno’s apparent unfamiliarity with the meaning and practice of tryanny, his followers among the gadflies are following his line. Typical is this rant by Jeannine Robbins from last week’s council meeting:

“It’s ironic to me that Harry chose to address someone else’s 1st Amendment rights when there’s nobody who stifles 1st Amendment rights, freedom of speech more than you.”

Let’s think about that.

At every council meeting, Mayor Sidhu welcomes person after person as they come to the dais, calmly presides as they speak their often-antagonistic minds to the council, doing his best to ensure they can speak unimpeded by thuggish behavior in the chamber, and then thanking them when they are finished.

In contrast, Ms. Robbins, her husband, the Donelsons and other habitues of the gadfly section routinely heckle and jeer and shout down members of the public who voice opinions at loggerheads with their own.  They see the council chamber as belonging to them, and shamelessly try to use the heckler’s veto to shout down opinions they oppose.

Anyone who goes to Anaheim City Council meetings has seen them in action, and is struck by the gulf between their self-righteous words and appalling, adolescent behavior; between their lip service to free speech and contempt for others’ exercise of it. They’re living in their own private Anaheim in which they, the hecklers and booers, are actually the champions of free speech.

But Councilman Moreno – who has plenty to say about everything except the goonish behavior of his supporters in the chamber – is a big fan of Ms. Robbins:

Oh yes – heckling other people exercising their free speech rights is truly the soul of clarity and conviction.

It’s clear to any reasonable person who is really engaged in the business of stifling free speech – and it isn’t Mayor Sidhu.

Believe it or not, Ms. Robbins is running for Anaheim City Council from District 4.


  1. Thank you Anaheim Blog, keep it up! It is important each voter uses their vote wisely, especially District 4. Jose Moreno’s entire group is TERRIBLE FOR ANAHEIM.

  2. So glad we’re moving out of this overcharged political city. The council meetings are supposed to be where council conducts meetings. Not a circus. How sad.

  3. A Different Anaheim Resident

    I am sure the Mayor and a few other council members would love it if there were NO dissenters at council meetings. That would maybe indicate the leaders were always doing a great job. Dissenters show up when they feel their leaders are NOT doing a great job. Maybe more important is not to berate them but listen and address their concerns with an open mind before it gets to just name calling.

  4. Don’t forget, it was Jeanie Robbins who threatened to “blow up Star Wars land” at an Anaheim Democratic Club meeting with Jones and Nelson.

    But one has to believe Spencer Custudio would NEVER mention that in his blog posts questioning why extra security might be needed at council meetings.

  5. Truly shows their lack of character. Mayor Sidhu is classy and respectful to everyone. I also noticed the Mayor thanks speakers when they are done speaking, even when are attacking the Mayor and other City Council Members. You’re absolutely right, the Robbins and Moreno/Barns clan exercise their freedom of speech right at every council meeting. They are a horrible example for the children and embarrassment to our city. I cannot imagine a reasonable resident voting for someone who shows such lack of character and leadership.

  6. Jose Moreno needs to be removed from the Anaheim city council. He supports sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. He associates with the radical Hispanic militant anti-American group such as Oak View Comunidad unfortunately from Huntington Beach and I believe there is the Anaheim Comunidad group that is also a radical Hispanic militant group. I have pictures of Jose at the with members of Oak View Comunidad at the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democrat Club of Orange County.

  7. The Robbins are a complete joke. Everyone knows it. But of course they are competely connected with Jose Moreno and Barnes.
    It’s just embarrassing our council meetings are full of Robbins, Cecil, RJ Collins and all the other time wasters up there.
    Its caused so many people to not even bother showing up. It’s not worth it.
    Thank you to those who really do care and try to better Anaheim.

  8. Nice title, but you didn’t finish a lot of your sentences. You must have been in a real hurry.

    Reasons why it’s absurd to paint Mayor Sidhu as a champion of free speech:

    His cutting down the speaking time of Pauline Street residents from what was supposed to be ten minutes to TWO minutes. (Jose and Trevor managed to get that up to three at least.)

    His shunting of non-agenda comments to the end of the meeting (which led to warning letters from the ACLU, after which he’s generally backed off that.) His change to the number of colleagues a member needs to agendize an item, from two to three, making it much more difficult for the minority to agendize anything. The limit on council debate time that he instituted in July. All of those have the goal of limiting free speech.

    But most of all, his new practice of tabling and forbidding discussion on anything the minority manages to agendize. And here you perpetuate a fallacy – of the five items Jose agendized October 29 and Nov 5, only ONE – the rent cap on mobile home parks – had been discussed by council before, and it was brought back because there was a new CONTEXT, with the passage of AB 1482 which most of the council purported to support.

    The other four items – eviction protection for the last two months of this year based on AB 1482, setting a date for pubicizing the stadium appraisal, a public review period for any Angels deal, and campaign finance reform – had never been discussed by council. So stop saying they have.

    The record shows that Mayor Sidhu, or whoever instructs him, is indeed hostile to free speech.

    • Dr. James Pestarcre

      Vern, please help us understand how you allow a blogger to publish on your site, a man who calls people by the N-word, calls thems Jews, “Faggots,” “Dykes,” “Rag Heads” and tells people like Dr. Moreno to go back where you came from”.

      Once you’ve done that you can explain Mike and Jeanie Robbins, Wes Jones and the rest of your Anaheim Democratic Club, cheering when he called Jordan a “Faggot Jew” and Mayor Sidhu a “Rag Head”.

      Or perhaps your club represents the Ada Briceno wing of Dem’s???

      Jeez, where is Jose Glorioa, Greg Diamond and Jeff LeTourneu on this. Bunch of chickens I tell you.

      • Oh, Fitzgerald. He does not publish on my blog, and NOBODY, least of all us Anaheim Democrats, cheer him when he spouts his hate words.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Wrong, Vern.

          I have heard, with my own ears, Mike Robbins encouraging Fitzgerald. I was sitting directly behind the Robbins at a council meeting. As Fitzgerald rise from his seat and approached the podium to do his grotesque schtick, Robbins smiled and sai “Go get ’em.”

    • Matthew Cunningham

      It’s amazing how the people who do most of the talking at Anaheim City Council meetings – Moreno and his acolytes in the gadfly gallery – continously allege their free speech is being infringed. It’s a joke. Rules regarding the conduct of public meetings do not infringe on free speech. Changing speaking time from 3 to 2 minutes infringes of free speech? Seriously, Vern?

      As for tabling – you can thank Mayor Tom Tait for pioneering that tactic while he commanded a council majority. He used it freely to stop debate and a vote on items he opposed or wanted to spare Moreno from voting on. Denise Barnes faithfully seconded every Tait motion to table, and Moreno fatihfully voted for those motions. Nowadays he likes to bloviate about democracy and free speech and public debate, but when he was in majority, he voted for every Tait motion to table. He did it without any speechifying about the importance of debating the issues. Neither did you or the Robbins or the Donelsons or Wes Jones or anyone else now caterwauling about free speech. You’re a bunch of hypocrites.

  9. Vern has become the skinny gas bag replacement for Greg Diamond. Another educated, do nothing, worth nothing loser who should be focused on HIS own health, instead needs to be famous.

    Vern is just like the METH HEAD who dances in the intersection. He is a LOSER.

    • LOL, I hadn’t seen this gem till now. (Thanks David for getting my attention to this old page.)

      I’m trying to remember what I did to piss kleptos off in early December, I’m sure it was something good. Thanks for that “skinny,” but the “educated” part is what really pisses you off, isn’t it?

  10. Thank you Matthew Cunningham, keep exposing.

  11. David Michael Klawe

    So last night, January 28th, during Ms. Robbins 3 minutes at the Dais, she claimed that Disneyland offered Fireworks 365 days a year. Well, talk about Not stating correct facts, in reality it is about half of the days of the year. Disneyland, along with the Fire Department and City Staff reviews and approves of the schedule. Basically not offered on school nights.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Just as remarkable: I watched the Ms. Robbins – the Queen of Hecklers – telling a heckler to be quiet.

      • Eggs are best served sunny side up

        My favorite was when she spent her three minutes having a raging fit and claiming that someone at one of the Homeless Shelters was molesting cats.

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