Paulette Chaffee tutoring children in how to color with crayons.

Paulette Chaffee is the wife of Orange County Supervisor Doug Chaffee, who was narrowly elected to represent the 4th Supervisor District in November 2018.

While her husband, a Fullerton councilman, was running for the Board, Paulette Chaffee was running for the Fullerton City Council. During the campaign she was caught on video stealing campaign signs attacking her candidacy and arrested. She dropped out of the race.

In in early 2019, she pled guilty and was sentenced to community service.

Fast forward several months and Paulette Chaffee is running for the 4th District seat on the Orange County Board of Education with the ballot title “Educator/Attorney.”

Candidates are required to complete worksheets justifying their ballot titles. Chaffee explanation for her “educator” title?: she has been volunteering to tutor 1st graders in reading and math at Maple Elementary School since “early 2019.”

In other words, Ms. Chaffee’s sudden urge to be a volunteer tutor happened at the same time the judge was sentencing her to community service. What a coincidence!

Or not. It’s certainly takes chutzpah: Ms. Chaffee even touts it in her candidate statement, she states “I currently tutor elementary students at a Title 1 School in reading and math.”

It’s like the scene from “The Office” when Ryan Howard returns to Dunder Mifflin and apologizes for his past behavior to Jim:

Ryan: I’ve even started volunteering. Giving back to the community.

Jim: Ah, that’s great. You’re talking about your court-ordered community service? 

Ryan: I don’t need a judge to tell me to keep my community clean.

Jim:  But he did, right?