OC Board of Education: Rich Anti-Charter School Candidate Pours Another $60,000 Into Campaign

Andy Thorburn, the rich, left-wing Democrat running on an anti-charter school, pro-teacher union platform to oust incumbent Dr. Ken Williams from the OC Board of Education, has written another $60,000 check to his campaign treasury. Thorburn has now poured $710,000 of his fortune into his campaign – a county record for an Orange County Board of Education seat.

And vote-be-mail ballots won’t be mailed out for almost a week.

This is the third elective office for which Thorburn has run in less than two years.  He ran unsuccessfully for the 39th Congressional District in 2018, and launched a short-lived campaign for Orange County’s 3rd Supervisor District in 2019 – bowing out when former Rep. Loretta Sanchez jumped into that race.

Thorburn, a former insurance industry executive, has shown a willingness to spend whatever amount he thinks necessary in order to win. In his failed 2018 congressional campaign, he spent $2,886,900 of his own money – which accounted for nearly 92% of his total campaign spending.

He bills himself as an “educator” and former teacher – although the last time he taught was four decades ago in New Jersey.

Thorburn is a highly-partisan left-wing Democrat running as part of a larger effort to elect an anti-charter school majority to the Orange County Board of Education. Among his supporters is the “Network for Public Education,” a teacher union-funded group dedicated to opposing charter schools across the nation.

This past Saturday, Thorburn hosted a party at his Villa Park mansion supporting OC Democratic Party Chair Ada Briceno’s campaign for the Democratic National Committee. Briceno is also had of the radical union UNITE-HERE Local 11. The featured speaker was state Senator Maria Elena Durazo from Los Angeles:

L to R: Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, Andy Thorburn, OC Democratic Party Chair Ada Briceno

Sen. Durazo, a former labor boss, addresses progressive Democrat activists at Thorburn’s Villa Park mansion, while Thorburn and Briceno look on.

A former union boss, Durazo co-authored AB 5, the new state law currently wreaking havoc in the gig economy and making it difficult for freelancers and independent contractors to earn a living:

Click here to read the replies from musicians and other independent contractors who are paying the price for this special interest pay-off.

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  1. Paul Sheldon Foote

    Today, I received a mailer from “Citizens for Good Government” “The Team for Republican Voters” guiding me to vote for Andy Thorburn. The sender of the mailer did not include an address and did not disclose that Andy Thorburn is a Democrat. For many years, Republican voters in Irvine have been receiving similar mailers from dishonest Democrats. No one should vote for Andy Thorburn. If you value democracy and honesty in politics, do not vote for Democrats.

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