Al Jabbar “Super Stoked” About Bernie Sanders Cancelling “My Student Loans”

Comrades: L. to R: Ashleigh Aitken; Al Jabbar; Jose F. Moreno; Ryan Ruelas; Annemarie Randle-Trejo

Most people understand what a loan is: you borrow money on the promise to pay it back, usually with interest.  But the necessity of paying it back is the key idea here. It is the essence of the exchange – what makes it a loan. Otherwise, it is a gift.

Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Al Jabbar doesn’t agree. In his mind, a loan isn’t a loan if one can use political power to transform it into a gift after that fact.

Al Jabbar took out student loans. But he doesn’t want to pay them back. Hence, his enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont who promises that if elected president, he will cancel everyone’s student loans. Several days ago, Jabbar confessed to a group of fellow Berniecrats that he’s “super stoked” that under a President Bernie Sanders “my student loans will be cancelled.”

Don’t take our word for it. Here is Jabbar himself on January 25:

At the same time that Jabbar is “Feelin’ the Bern” in hopes of getting out of paying his student loans, Jabbar is asking voters to approve a $398 million school bond – Measure B on the March 3, 2020 ballot. However, it will cost AUHSD taxpayers closer to $650 million to pay off the $398 million that Jabbar wants to borrow.

It’s an interesting contrast. Al Jabbar doesn’t want to pay back the money he borrowed for his education, but he wants taxpayers to pay back – with interest – the hundreds of millions he wants his district to borrow.

If Measure B passes, do AUHSD taxpayers, if they decide they no longer want to pay for it, get the option of “canceling” their part of that collective student loan?

Either way, Jabbar loves spending other people’s money – whether it is championing higher taxes, deepening government debt or forcing other Americans to pay off student loans he chose take out.

Contrast Jabbar’s super-stokedness about pushing his debt onto other people with the parent who recently confronted Sen. Elizabeth Warren about the injustice of that idea:

DAD: I just want to ask one question. My daughter’s getting out of school. I saved all my money. She doesn’t have any student loans.

WARREN: God bless you.

DAD: Am I gonna get my money back?

WARREN: Of course not.

DAD: So you’re going to pay for people he didn’t save any money, and those of us who did the right thing get screwed.

When Warren replies that nobody is “getting screwed” the Dad interjects:

“Of course we did! My buddy had fun, bought a car, went on vacations. I saved my money. He made more than I did. I worked a double shift, I worked extra. My daughter has worked since she was 10. So, you’re laughing at me.


DAD: That’s exactly what you’re doing. We did the right thing, and we get screwed.

Someone should introduce this guy to Al “Moral Hazard” Jabbar.

Bernie Sanders promise to cancel student loan debt is plain old vote buying, done with other people’s money. If nothing else, Jabbar has placed a price on his vote.


  1. Typical Democrats way of thinking let everyone else pay my way through life, because I’m too irresponsible and selfish

  2. I have never been a fan of this website because I view Matt as an enemy of public schools. But I must say I am rethinking my position because Al Jabbar , And his cabal are much more dangerous to the future of our public schools in Anaheim. The superintendent of AUHSD- Mike Matsuda gave a presentation to our staff this week about how bad our district finances are. Everyone in the room wanted call him out about his lavish district office spending but none of did because we know how he punishes all who oppose him the district. Here is a review of what I am talking about:
    1. Lawsuits related to his putting teachers and counselor s on leave – most have been placed back in their jobs – some like Elizabeth Marshall (evidence on transparent California website) took $300k buy outs.
    2. Lawsuits related to his lake of training – he wants to blame Kennedy high fiasco on others , but where was the district office training ?
    3. Lavish raises for Mike Matsuda and his inner circle ( like Mike none of them are qualified for their positions).
    4. Special hidden stipends for his friends and family
    5. 300 percent increase in district office spending in his 5 years. He has pulled dozens of teachers out of the classroom and hired dozens of secretaries to promote his political ambitions.
    6. Using the intern program to hire his son and the children of Jose Moreno and Annmarie Randle Trejo
    7. Wasting an estimated 3 million dollars on a failed fluff program called capturing kids hearts.

    When will it stop? Not as long as Al Jabbar is signing the checks. You see Al and mike and Jose and Annmarie and Ryan and the others all need each other . They need to keep using the bro’s and sadly even the teachers union is in on it because Rueles keeps them in line. Sad. But obvious what’s going on.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Thank you for the comment and that information. You’re not the first AUHSD employee to mention fear of retaliation from the Matsuda regime.

      For the record: I am not anti-public education. I think it is vital that we have a public education system that is able to provide children with a quality education. Our system at present is dominated by interests that institutionally are hostile to reform and choice, and hamstrung by counter-productive rules and laws. And it doesn’t help the situation when ideologues are more interested in shaping students political views than in providing a quality education.

      • Loara students given credit to hand out political flyers. Please continue to expose how AUHSD leadership is spending the money and what Prop B means to homeowners. VOTE NO ON B we do not to be taxed more. Make sure the schools are currently spending the money on what is best for our students first.

  3. VOTE NO ON B – Matsuda and company have ruined Anaheim schools. We have given the enough money yet they need more. The schools are producing failing scores. We cannot allow this to continue. This situation needs to be investigated. You have employees like the courageous Savanna employee coming forward giving examples of what we suspect.

    Please investigate and stop this money grab. Thank you Savanna employee.

  4. Al Jabbers education didn’t work. He is as dumb before his education as he is now maybe that’s the reason he wants it free and easy. The system will graduate anyone that tries and the prices are through the roof. NO ON B and NO on Bernie

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